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4.4.1 Functional Requirements Assessment

Things to Consider When Designing Distributed systems

  • Note: Because these are Functional Requirements, they need to be written specifically for the system being specified in the proposal or solicitation.

In DIDO, the following areas minimally cover Functional Requirements:

Hardware Architecture

Operating System

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Nodes on the distributed network must be designed specifically for the operating system that runs on the node. So the distributed system must support more than one operating system. But too many OSs can cause the support and maintenance of the system to be more difficult and costly.


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A distributed system is a collection of networked nodes, that run on networking equipment all connected using wireless or USB connections. Network functional requirements is to decide which platform, devices, and permissions are used throughout the system.

RunTime Libraries

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RunTime functional requirements is to establish a RunTime Library that can communicate to with different operating/hardware platforms across the system.

Community/Development Tools

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Tool functional requirements include making sure your system has all the necessary development, management, and operation tools for the project.

Note: The tool list provided is not exhaustive.

Virtualized Nodes

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Utilizing Virtual Nodes in a distributed system can provide flexibility because a virtual node can run on many hardware/operating system platforms. Virtual Node functional requirements entail determining which type of virtual node is necessary for the system.


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