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Black Box Testing

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Black Box Testing is a type of software testing in which the functionality of the software is not known. The testing is done without the internal knowledge of the products.

Black box testing can be done in following ways:

  1. Syntax Driven Testing – This type of testing is applied to systems that can be syntactically represented by some language. For example- compilers,language that can be represented by context free grammar. In this, the test cases are generated so that each grammar rule is used at least once.
  2. Equivalence partitioning – It is often seen that many type of inputs work similarly so instead of giving all of them separately we can group them together and test only one input of each group. The idea is to partition the input domain of the system into a number of equivalence classes such that each member of class works in a similar way, i.e., if a test case in one class results in some error, other members of class would also result into same error.


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