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Definition #1

A Datastore is a repository for storing, managing and distributing data sets on an enterprise level. It is a broad term, which incorporates all types of data that is produced, stored and used by an organization. The term refers specifically to data that is at rest and used by one or more data-driven applications, services or individuals. A Database is a kind of datastore, but there are datastores that are not Databases, for example W3C Document Object Model (DOM) compliant documents or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) files.


Definition #2 (Security)

DataStore is a collection of data

DataStore is a repository for persistently storing and managing collections of data which include not just repositories like databases, but also simpler store types such as simple files, emails etc.

DataStore could contain structured data or unstructured data

A file is a series of bytes that is managed by a File System. Thus, any database or file is a series of bytes that, once stored, is called a DataStore.


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