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DIDO Ecosystem Community

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DIDO Ecosystem Community is the midlevel level Community of Interest (CoI) that encapsulates DIDO Domain Communities. The Ecosystem has a sub- charter] approved by the DIDO Ecosphere Community. The Ecosystem usually relies on the Ecosphere for Bylaws and Policies and Procedures (P&P) but can provide addendums that do not conflict with the Ecosphere. The primary role of the Ecosystem is to coordinate the activities of the Domains which fall under its jurisdiction. As a general rule, the Ecosystem does not actually create anything but acts as the integrator and coordinator all the Domains it is responsible for. The Ecosystem may have more restrictive Intellectual Property (IP) Rights than the Ecosphere. It can only subset the Copyrights allowed by the Ecosphere.

The Ecosphere's role is to act as a coordinator of the Domains, however, one Ecosystem can also have a Sub-Ecosystem that it is responsible for. The Ecosystem can have its own bug tracking system that covers integration issues. The Ecosystem is responsible for all integration testing.

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