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A Use-Case is a description of how a system responds to a request from an external source. This is written with reference to the technical steps that happen for the task to be completed.

Why are Use-Cases important?

Use-Cases are important, because they will show how systems respond when they are used. A Use-Case describes how a system helps a user achieve their goal. Unlike a user scenario, a Use-Case is more orientated towards the system’s behavior rather than the user. The language in which a Use-Case is written should be simple and the writer of a Use-Case should avoid technical terminology. A Use-Case should not include too much context about the user or their emotional response to an interaction.

The purpose of Use-Cases

: In a Use-Case a list of goals can be defined and an analysis can be made of how complex and expensive it is for these goals to be met. In team projects, Use-Cases are useful to see which areas of a system need to be developed and what obstacles could arise in performing a task.


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