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Ethereum: Ethereum_j Project

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Note: The following is an excerpt from the official Ethereum site. It is provided here as a convenience and is not authoritative. Refer to the original document as the authoritative reference.
Table 1: Data sheet for Ethereum Ethereum_j Project
Title Ethereum Ethereum_j Project
Language Java
Created 2016
Category Client


Source: Ethereum_j Project

Ethereum(J) is a pure-Java implementation of the Ethereum protocol. It is provided as a library that can be embedded in any Java/Scala project and to provide full support for Ethereum protocol and sub-services. Ethereum(J) was first developed by Roman Mandeleil and is now sponsored by <>.
Ethereum(J) supports Central Processing Unit (CPU) mining. It is currently implemented in pure Java and can be used in private and test networks. You may even mine on the live Ethereum network, even though it is not economically feasible.
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