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EIP 191: Signed Data Standard (DRAFT)

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Note: The following is an excerpt from the official Ethereum site. It is provided here as a convenience and is not authoritative. Refer to the original document as the authoritative reference.
Table 1: Data sheet for Signed Data Standard
Title Signed Data Standard
Author Martin Holst Swende, Nick Johnson
Status Draft
Created 2016-01-20
Category ERC


This ERC proposes a specification about how to handle signed data in Ethereum contracts.


Several multisignature wallet implementations have been created which accepts presigned transactions. A presigned transaction is a chunk of binary signed_data, along with signature (r, s and v). The interpretation of the signed_data has not been specified, leading to several problems:

  • Standard Ethereum transactions can be submitted as signed_data. An Ethereum transaction can be unpacked, into the following components: RLP<nonce, gasPrice, startGas, to, value, data> (hereby called RLPdata), r, s and v. If there are no syntactical constraints on signed_data, this means that RLPdata can be used as a syntactically valid presigned transaction.
  • Multisignature wallets have also had the problem that a presigned transaction has not been tied to a particular validator, i.e a specific wallet. Example:
    1. Users A, B and C have the 2/3-wallet X
    2. Users A, B and D have the 2/3-wallet Y
    3. User A and B submites presigned transaction to X.
    4. Attacker can now reuse their presigned transactions to X, and submit to Y.
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