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TODO: Building leadership in an open source community


There are no formal standards on Open Source projects. There are only guides.

Source: The following is from TODO on "Building leadership in an open source community"

Integrating into open source communities takes time and effort and requires a new approach to product development. Where traditional, proprietary development requires secrecy and a management hierarchy, open source development requires openness and values consensus. Code contributions, not title or position, are what determine influence and technical direction in an open source project.

Open source projects are developed in diverse and geographically dispersed communities that have their own rules, conventions, tools, and processes. Simply put, each community has its own unique culture and it takes time to establish the trust, ways of collaborating, and cultural understanding required to be effective in open source.

This guide explains how organizations can build leadership and influence within the open source projects they’re involved in and on which they are commercially dependent. Learn about leadership culture and roles within a project, how decisions are made, how an organization can build leadership, and tips for being a good leader in open source communities.


1. Why build leadership in an open source project

  • Leadership culture in open source
  • Corporate vs open source leadership
  • Governance overview
  • Culture overview

2. Leadership roles in a collaborative project

  • Leadership roles matrix
  • How to become a leader
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