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TODO: Shutting down an open source project


There are no formal standards on Open Source projects. There are only guides.

Source: The following is from TODO on "Shutting down an open source project"

This Open Source Guide is designed to offer advice about how your enterprise and your development team can plan for the day when you are ready to end or move away from an unneeded open source project. By shutting down the project gracefully or by transitioning it to others who can continue the work, your enterprise can responsibly oversee the life cycle of the effort. In this way, you can also set proper expectations for users, ensure that long-term project code dependencies are supported, and preserve your company’s reputation within the open source community as a responsible participant.

This guide will help you decide when a project is no longer useful, understand how to disengage from a project, and determine what to do about its code, repositories, websites, wikis, and other project assets as you head in a new direction.


  • Lifecycle planning for your open source project
    1. Why life cycle planning is important
    2. What does a dead open source project look like?
  • Why plan for the end of a project before you even launch it?
  • Deciding when to end, transfer or pull out of a project
  • How to end an open source project
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