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TODO: Using open source code


There are no formal standards on Open Source projects. There are only guides.

Source: The following is from TODO on "Using open source code"

One of the most important responsibilities of an open source program office is ensuring that your organization meets its legal obligations when integrating open source code with proprietary and third-party source code in your commercial products.

You need to establish guidelines on how developers can use open source code, and detailed processes to track where open source code is coming from, how it’s licensed, and where it ultimately ends up. This guide gets you started with a baseline compliance program for using, releasing, and distributing open source code.


  • Why track and review code
  • Compliance roles and responsibilities
  • A simple policy for using open source code
  • Five-stage code review process
  • What to do after v1.0/
  • Sample open source usage request form
  • Final words
  • Architecture diagram template
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