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RFC0768 - User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

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Table 1: Data sheet for RFC0768 - User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
Title User Datagram Protocol
Acronym UDP
Version 1980
Document Number RFC7068
Release Date 28 August 1980
Note: The following is an excerpt from the official IETF RFC. It is provided here as a convenience and is not authoritative. Refer to the original document as the authoritative reference.


This User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is defined to make available a datagram mode of packet-switched computer communication in the environment of an interconnected set of computer networks. This protocol assumes that the Internet Protocol (IP) 1) is used as the underlying protocol.
This protocol provides a procedure for application programs to send messages to other programs with a minimum of protocol mechanism. The protocol is transaction oriented, and delivery and duplicate protection are not guaranteed. Applications requiring ordered reliable delivery of streams of data should use the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). 2)
Postel, J., “Internet Protocol,” RFC 760, USC/Information Sciences Institute, January 1980.
Postel, J.,“Transmission Control Protocol,” RFC 761, USC/Information Sciences Institute, January 1980.
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