We had a great meeting in Waltham in mid-September

Everyone, there was a lot of enthusiasm for continuing to improve VSIPL and VSIPL++ with topics of our recent meeting including Python bindings, better support for OpenVSIP, and other topics. Please see our minutes for all the details.

We plan to hold a meeting at the OMG MARC meeting in Long Beach in December, 2014.

Quarterly Meeting at IEEE HPEC 2013 Went Well!

The HPEC Working Group of OMG met in person and by phone on September 10. Minutes of the meeting are coming soon. Lots of interesting discussions, including new functionality on the DDA area in VSIPL++ proposed by Joe Dougherty for inclusion in the VSIPL 1.5 standard as part of the open Revision Task Force.

Welcome to the HPEC Portal !

The HPEC Portal is a community project, maintained by the HPEC Working Group. As such, it relies on contributions from Working Group members ! The portal should provide general information relating to the field of High Performance Embedded Computing, and the VSIPL and VSIPL++ specifications in particular. Please consider contributing in one form or another, to make this site useful not only to our Working Group, but also and in particular to visitors who may want to learn more about what we are doing.

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