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-====== Test Case 15 -- UML 2.3 ======+====== Test Case 15 -- Structured Activity Nodes -- UML 2.3 ======
 //Note: Files download by default as "​fetch.php"​. Rename a file to a "​.txt"​ or "​.xml"​ extension to open it.// //Note: Files download by default as "​fetch.php"​. Rename a file to a "​.txt"​ or "​.xml"​ extension to open it.//
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 {{release-12:​test_case_15_valid-canonical.xmi|Valid Canonical XMI}} {{release-12:​test_case_15_valid-canonical.xmi|Valid Canonical XMI}}
 +==== Special Note on Serialization of StructuredActivityNodes ====
 +In UML 2.3, it is not clear whether StructuredActivityNodes owned by an Activity should be serialized under the //node// or the //group// properties of that activity (or, strictly, even redundantly under both). The Valid XMI for this test case serializes such StructuredActivityNodes under the //node// property, which seems to be the most common choice. (The resolution of this issue in UML 2.4.1/MOF 2.4.1/XMI 2.4.1 results in StructuredActivityNodes being serialized under the //​Activity::​structuredNode//​ property, but this property is marked as derived in UML 2.3 and so would not normally be serialized at all.)
 ===== Diagram 1 ===== ===== Diagram 1 =====
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