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Core Concepts

Fred originally proposed a model. This is a reorganization of the “distribution” of the concepts. Core Concepts

MVF Dictionary is a collection (by reference, or possibly inclusion) of Vocabularies, and the container of a set of MVF Entries, each of which represents a concept that is common to 1 or more of the Vocabularies.

MVF Entry is a collection of links to Vocabulary entries that express a common concept in terms and/or definitions. It is possible that not every concept is mapped to an entry in every vocabulary, or that not all of the terms and definitions have exactly the same meaning.

A Vocabulary is a set of representations of concepts (terms and definitions) in a (usually natural) language for a particular speech community. The Vocabulary of one community may “adopt” terms and definitions from the vocabulary of a wider speech community. It is likely that the vocabulary and concept system for a speech community goes beyond the domain of a given MVF Dictionary.

A Vocabulary entry (Term/Def) is the element(s) of a vocabulary that represent one concept. The nature and nominal structure of “vocabulary entries” is a separate concern.

A Model or Package is (statically) associated with one (or more?) MVF Dictionary and thus with the user Vocabularies that it collects.

A given ModelElement is (statically) associated with the MVF Entry in the MVF Dictionary that represents the modeled concept, and thus with all of the representations of that concept for the various speech communities.

A user viewing the model chooses a speech community/vocabulary, and the tool (dynamically) presents the model using the terms and definitions in that Vocabulary, by filtering the MVF entry for each model element to the entry in the chosen Vocabulary.

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