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List of MVF related concepts


  • Term – sign used to designate or denote a notion or thing of interest (usually using a word or phrase) in a natural language.
  • Definition – representation of a concept by a descriptive statement which serves to differentiate it from related concepts. (source ISO1087)
  • Vocabulary – A set of Terms, Synonyms, and Definitions (typically for an area of interest, community of interest, or both) for a single natural language.
  • MVFDictionary – A set of Vocabularies that denote and describe a particular set of notions or things in two or more natural languages.
  • TermEntry – entity in a terminology data system (or terminology artifact) for a Term plus metadata and other relations that a Term may have with other entities in a data system or artifact.
  • MVFEntry – representation in an MVF system of a concept/notion or thing of interest. It is used to collect or connect metadata and related entities, such as corresponding Terms and Definitions, within a terminology data system or artifact.
  • MVFWorkspace – the scope for candidate terms/concepts for potential inclusion in a model or vocabulary (e.g. which vocabularies should be searched when a user tries to associate a term with a model element).


  • Term Set – a set of terms in a single natural language (and possibly a vernacular) for a particular vocabulary that may be used to express and reference defined model element concepts.
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