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The ontology is currently modularized in two parts:

  1. Terms and Definitions - zipped RDF/XML serialized OWL file

Zipped documentation pages for these ontologies

  1. A Live OWL Documentation Environment (LODE) rendering - here
  2. OWLDoc

Note that the 06/17/2017 version of the ontologies is completely integrated with LCC, but has not yet been fully integrated with SKOS. Thus, if these are opened in Protege, there will be duplicate classes for Concept, Collection, and ConceptScheme from SKOS, and the various SKOS properties are not applied to the MVF Concept class.

Changes include revision to integrate the ontologies with LCC (eliminating duplication, reusing existing LCC classes and properties), adding a few missing labels, adding a few missing subclass relationships, and cleaning up a couple of definitions.

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