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SBVR Vocabulary Concepts

This page is a summary of the SBVR treatment of the basic ISO 1087 concepts, together with its “ORM-based” view of verb concepts.

SBVR itself is organized as a terminological dictionary that contains multiple vocabularies. Each terminological entry is, according to SBVR, either a designation (for a noun concept) or a “verb concept wording” (for a verb concept). But actual SBVR entries have many elements. The vocabulary diagram below depicts the principal structures relating SBVR terminological entries to SBVR “vocabulary” concepts.

SBVR vocabulary structures

Following ISO 1087, SBVR describes all of the external forms for a concept as “representations”, but it defines a different subclass of “representation” for each conceptual element, as is shown in the SBVR represntations diagram below.

SBVR representations.

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