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I hope you all are having a great 2019 so far! We are looking forward to working together solving the toughest problems in Retail, please join our bi-weekly calls and the next Face to Face meeting. Attendance is open to everyone (you do not have to be a member of the OMG to participate), but you must still abide by the OMG IPR and Anti-Trust policies (keep your secret sauce secret, please).

In addition to our standards development creating RFP’s and RFC’s at the Object Management Group Meetings we also want to improve our collaboration efforts by leveraging our LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1796388).

Up to date information regarding meetings, agendas and previous meeting minutes can be found HERE on our Retail Wiki, so check back often to find out what is happening at all times.

RDTF Agenda: https://www.omg.org/events/2020Q2/agendas/RetailDTFCalendar.html

The morning kicks off with wide discussions about UnifiedPOS. Modern API methodologies for UnifedPOS 2.0, movement on WS-POS 1.3 to OMG, what's next for POS Printer.

2nd hour we continue with UnifiedPOS and a focus on how the standard can help retailers prepare for "Beyond the U.P.C." and the use-cases demanding more on-pack encoded data.

We round out the morning with an hour reviewing the rules and procedures of OMG's process to maintain standards. Jira, voting, FTF, RTF, submission rules and more.

Be sure to join after lunch. The afternoon kicks off with Intel. Brad and Samir introduce what Intel is doing with emerging architectures and where OMG can help to identify and solve retailer issues and pain points.

Next we have Nadaradjane introducing how touchless payment-at-distance stands to solve immediate retail problems caused by the pandemic and can continue after the pandemic has subsided to provide greater customer service along with improved privacy.

Mid-afternoon we switch to RIO, the Retail Industry Ontology. John has completed a mountain of work in the Ontology, lots to see and talk about.

Final round of the day goes to Ron and Frederick who have carried the Security Maturity Model's Retail Profile over the hump to be ready for release. This meeting may be our final review before making that work public. It will be a co-meeting with Industrial Internet Consortuim (IIC) so make sure to check the agenda for an IIC meeting link, it won't be on our RDTF Microsoft Teams session.

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RDTF Agenda: https://www.omg.org/events/2020Q2/agendas/RetailDTFCalendar.html

Kickoff is 9am Eastern US on Wednesday, June 24. There are a number of items requiring votes and quite a lot of content throughout the event: Retail service robots, Micro-Location, Social Distance Scoring, Beyond the UPC, Payment-at-Distance, IoT Security Maturity Model, Cloud Best Practices, Fiscal Reporting, Modern API design and more is on the table.

The meeting which was to be an in-person event has turned virtual:


Reach out if you have any trouble signing up or finding the virtual meeting connection info:


GS1-US will be there to present the latest research into retail's readiness to go "Beyond the U.P.C." and begin encoding more data through high capacity data carriers (barcodes) on pack. We will discuss how our retail standards might adjust to help retailers, brand owners and solution providers deal with new use-cases that demand high data capacity carriers and prepare for the new realities of retail. Case in point: support for Digimarc watermarking is planned for UnifiedPOS.

The ubiquitous UnifiedPOS standards for retail devices will see extension for Retail Communication Service Devices (RCSD) to support human interaction with retail service robots, among other new use-cases. Work continues on the Fiscal API for automated collection and reporting to tax authorities.

Back to the current pandemic, we all know social distancing rules are a key component to success with slowing the spread. George Shaw, Founder and CEO of Pathr will present a timely use of micro-location and spatial intelligence in physical retail environments to provide Social Distance Scoring for the purposes of comparing and improving retail's physical response to the pandemic. Check out the solution at socialdistance.ai.

Work on the Retail IoT profile of a Security Maturity Model (SMM) is nearly complete. Your attention and feedback is needed to finish strong. The SMM provides business stakeholders tools to communicate and discuss current and desired state of security, where gaps exist and create a roadmap for achieving their goal. It is intended for owners of IoT systems, decision makers, security leaders, business risk managers, system integrators, architects, security assessors, analysts, policy and regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders. It provides an overview of the purpose and need and introduces the SMM model. This model enables stakeholders to make strategic decisions on where to invest to implement security practices appropriate to the needs and constraints of the specific IoT system. See more at https://www.iiconsortium.org/smm.htm

Payment-at-a-Distance and the need to reduce physical contact when purchasing items in a retail environment has become an important disruptive development in retail. Nadaradjane Ramatchandirane, CEO of Confia Systems will present Confia's Touchless Payment At Distance Solution and how it securely solves the problem of disconnected, consumer based, private payment at distance.

Wrapped around all of this is the need to holistically understand the intersection of technology with the business of retail. Join us for deep-dive discussions surrounding the Retail Industry Ontology (RIO), a growing ontology focused on the needs of the retail industry and the application of technology.

We are kicking off a new effort to promote Cloud Best Practices in retail. While availability, performance, cost, security, privacy, etc. are important requirements for all cloud users, retail enterprises and their providers must understand the unique conditions in which they operate - to just give one example, the immediate and severe impact on revenue of an outage that affects sales transactions. This paper will focus on those specific issues and how generic recommendations and architectures for cloud solutions must be adapted to serve the retail world.

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Deadlines Schedule

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Digital Receipt API v1.0 RFP (LOI Deadline July 30th, 2019)

Digital Receipt API v1.0 RFP (Initial Submission Deadline August 26th, 2019)

UPOSv2 Fiscal API RFP (LOI Deadline September 30th, 2019)

UnifiedPOS V2 Model And POS Printer API RFP (Voting List Deadline September 20, 2019)

UPOSv2 Fiscal API RFP (Initial Submission Deadline November 11th, 2019)

UPOSv2 Fiscal API RFP (Voting List Deadline December 6th, 2019)

UnifiedPOS V2 Model And POS Printer API RFP (Initial Submission Deadline February 24, 2020)

UnifiedPOS V2 Model And POS Printer API RFP (Revised Submission Deadline May 18, 2020)

New work initiating:

RFC Tender Information Standardization - target December 2019

RFC for Location v3 – target September 2020

RFI for Printers and Scanners using 2D/RF product codes in UPOS


AI in Retail paper

Cloud migration in Retail paper

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