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Welcome to the SNC WG Wiki

The Secure Network Communications (SNC) for Software Defined Radios (SDR) is a Working Group, under MARS, set up for the SNC Domain.

1. Rationale and Mission

The OMG’s Software-Based Communication Domain Task Force mission was the advancement of specifications supporting the development, deployment, operation and maintenance of software technology targeted for software defined communication devices. 

  • Promote UML and model driven development technology in the SDR field
  • Develop specifications to improve interoperability and exchangeability of software defined communication components
  • Collaborate with other OMG task forces on related or overlapping technology specifications
  • Broaden previous charter with new related technologies e.g. Cognitive Radio, Smart Antenna, Streaming Components, Digital IF, Spectrum Management, etc.
  • Promote Software Radio specifications within the Software Radio Community
  • Maintain liaison with stakeholders of software-defined communication technology outside the OMG

2. Participants

The current members of the Working Group are:

  • OMG members and staff:
    • Jeff Smith – Sierra Nevada Corp
    • Steve MacLairdOMG
    • Joe Hickey – NASA
    • Louis Handler – NASA
    • Janette Briones – NASA
    • Char Wales – Mitre
    • Matthew HausePTC

3. Meetings

TBD for now

4. Deliverables

Space Telecommunications Interface (STI) Request For Proposal mars_2109-08-xx_space_telecommunications_interface_rfp_after_ab_comments_cw_.docx

5. Call for Participation

We have a mailing list, If you join the SNC WG, you will be added to the distribution. To ask to be added to the mailing list manually, or to unsubscribe, please click here, state your request in the message, and press Send.

Participants who represent an OMG member company can be provided upon request with accounts to edit this wiki directly. Please contact Jeff Smith for help. This wiki is based on the Dokuwiki platform, which has a different markup language from Mediawiki (the Wikipedia platform). See the Dokuwiki syntax before attempting more than simple plain text edits.

* space/2018-02-07 CubeSat Reference Model (CRM) draft RFP

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