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-In work+====== Spacecraft Operations Language Metamodel (SOLM) ====== 
 +The Spacecraft Operations Language Metamodel provides for interchange of spacecraft operations procedures between organizations and ground systems. ​ Using a model-driven approach, a platform independent model (PIM) for a procedure can be created in a SOLM-compatible modeling tool or from an existing operations script. ​ The PIM can then be used to generate a platform-specific script for use in a specific ground system. The specification also defines a SpacePython target language that supports all of the SOLM features. ​ Adopting SpacePython as the script format provides feature-for-feature mapping to the SOLM, and allows use of open source and commercially available Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for procedure development and debugging. ​  
 +===== Version 1.0 of the SOLM Specification ===== 
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