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OMG Space Domain Task Force Wiki

Welcome to the OMG Space Domain Task Force (SDTF).

Next Event

The Space DTF will meet online Tuesday through Thursday during the 23Q1 OMG meeting, March 21-23, 2023, in Reston, VA. The agendas will be available via the OMG Events page. Registered attendees are able to attend either in-person or remotely. Registration is available via the OMG website.

Plenary topics are detailed on the Space DTF Agenda page.


Space professionals committed to greater interoperability, reduction in costs, schedule, and risk for space applications through increased space standardization.


  • Clarify space, satellite and ground system requirements
  • Provide a transparent space standards development environment, open to participation by all.
  • Encourage the development and use of Model-Driven specifications that allow future-proofing of space systems.
  • Encourage continued space industry member participation to leverage existing OMG specifications.

Ongoing Activities

  • Use the Object Management Group (OMG) technology adoption process to specify interfaces for software components, services, and frameworks in space applications.
  • Lever existing OMG specifications.
  • Involve all interested members of the OMG in the OMG Space Domain Task Force.
  • Issue RFIs, RFPs and RFCs for technology relevant to space.
  • Identify relevant standards, architectures, research and technologies in space applications.
  • Assist and advise the Liaison Sub-Committee regarding its relationship with related Standards Organizations and Consortia.
  • Participate and present in other space industry consortia to encourage further OMG participation.



  • We are currently drafting multiple RFPs as detailed in the RFIs/RFPs section.

Previous Meeting

The OMG SpaceDTF met in Austin, TX on December 6-8, 2022. Here are the meeting highlights:

  • Performed overview of current specification status for all Space-related specifications
  • Re-chartered SOLM 1.1 RTF as it was latent earlier in 2022
  • Worked further on poster that will be on display at GSAW 2023
  • Reviewed and made large progress on GDDI and C2MQ future RFPs
  • Held collaboration session with C4i Task Force and discussed user display specification needs, including CUDL.
  • Held RTF working sessions for XTCE, XUSP, GEMS, CSRM, and C2MS


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