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{{:uaf.png|}}====== UAF Wiki ====== Welcome to the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Wiki. This wiki provides information on the background of UAF, how to use UAF, and upcoming events and announcements related to the UAF. ====== UAF Overview ====== ===== Background ===== UAF evolved from the Unified Profile for Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF) (UPDM), version 2.1. UPDM is not a new architectural framework- it merges pre-existing concepts from DoDAF and MODAF into a combined metamodel. UPDM has been adopted by a wide variety of organizations, extending beyond the military and into federal and industry applications. Because of this, there was an increasing demand for UPDM to become more industrialized and to support other frameworks other than just DoDAF and MODAF. This led to the creation of UAF. ===== What is UAF? ===== UAF extends the scope of UPDM and generalizes it to make it applicable to industry, federal, and military architectures. The core concepts in the UAF are based on: * DoDAF 2.0.2 Domain Metamodel (DM2) * MODAF ontological data exchange mechanism (MODEM) * Security Views from Canada's Department of National Defense Architecture Framework (DNDAF) * North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Architecture Framework (NAF) v4 DoDAF, MODEM, and NAF v4 are all based on the International Defence Enterprise Architecture Specification (IDEAS) ontology. The IDEAS-based format for the domain meta-model (DMM) allows for the implementation of UAF DMM in non-SysML based tools. {{:uaf_what_are_its_sources.png|}} ===== UAF Specification ===== The UAF Specification consists of four parts: - UAF DMM: basis for all tool vendors - UAF Profile (UAFP): implementation of UAF in SysML - Traceability to other architecture frameworks - Search and Rescue (SAR) Example implementation of UAF The UAF DMM and Profile are both normative components of the specification, while the traceability and example components are non-normative. UAF can be implemented directly using the UAF DMM, or by using UAFP (for tool vendors that support SysML/UML), or by some other proprietary implementation. Building from one of these implementations, we can create either NAF v4, UAF, or DoDAF 2.0 views. ===== UAF Views ===== The UAF grid shows how UAF is organized into different view specifications. {{:uaf_grid.png|}} Each row in this grid represents a different domain, and each column represents a different “model kind”. The “domains” can be thought of as the different parts of the underlying information model, while the “model kinds” can be thought of as different standard ways of representing that information. Each cell in the grid is a different view specification or “viewpoint”. UAF defines a metamodel for each viewpoint- the main concepts and relationships you need to build this specific viewpoint. Although the grid is a flat view, think of the information behind each viewpoint in the grid as interrelated. ====== Upcoming Events ====== ^Event Name^Event Date^ Event Location^ | [[|OMG Technical Meeting]] | Dec 9-13, 2019 | Long Beach, CA USA | | [[|INCOSE International Workshop 2020]] | Jan 25-28, 2020 | Torrance, CA USA | | [[|OMG Technical Meeting]] | Mar 23-27, 2020 | Reston, VA USA | | [[|INCOSE International Symposium 2020]] | Jul 18-23, 2020 | Cape Town, South Africa | ====== Resources ====== Numerous presentations were delivered promoting the use of UAF in multiple different events worldwide: OMG organised Information days for UAF: - UAF and MBSE Information Day, 2015, Reston, VA, USA - UAF and MBSE Summit, 2016, Reston, VA, USA - UAF and MBSE Summit, 2017, Reston, VA, USA - UAF, UPDM, and MBSE tutorials, 2017, Reston, VA, USA - UAF and MBSE Summit, 2017, Brussels, Belgium - UAF and MBSE tutorials, 2017, Brussels, Belgium - UAF and MBSE Summit, 2018, Reston, VA, USA - UAF and MBSE tutorials, 2018, Reston, VA, USA - MBSE-inspired Actionable Enterprise Architectures Summit, 2018, Ottawa, Canada - MBSE-inspired Actionable Enterprise Architectures Tutorials, 2018, Ottawa, Canada

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