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====== Project Portal for OMG® Uncertainty Modeling (UM) ====== ===== Current Objective of the site ===== This wiki site is currently being used as a site for sharing information about Uncertainty Modeling and the related standardization activities at OMG®. ===== Uncertainty RFP ===== The Uncertainty Modeling Working Group has been formed. Please see below the list of organizations and main contact person, who have shown their interests as a working group towards the submission of Uncertainty RFP to OMG. ==== RFI Objectives ==== The intent of the RFI is to gather information for the purpose of guiding a group in its efforts to provide solutions to industry problems. The RFI process is used to canvass a targeted industry segment for one or more of the following purposes: * Acquiring industry requirements. * Identifying potential technology sources. * Soliciting input to validate the roadmap of the group. =====News===== ==== Presenting the Uncertainty Modeling standardization activities at OMG® Brussels Technical Meeting on June 7th, 2017 ==== This signifies the kickoff of the preparation of Uncertainty RFP. ==== Introducing Uncertainty to Requirements Specification/Modeling at SysML V2 RFP Requirements ==== A great initiative is being made to introduce uncertainty to specify/model requirements in the future standard of SysML V2. Details can b found from [[|the OMG SysML Portal]]. .

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