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====== Project Portal for OMG® Uncertainty Modeling (UM) ====== ===== Current Objective of the site ===== This wiki site is currently being used as a site for sharing information about Uncertainty Modeling and the related standardization activities at OMG®. ===== Documents (accessible to working group members only) ===== All meeting minutes, presentations and related documents can be found [[|here]]. ===== PSUM Submission Team (without a particular order) ===== Note: this list keeps updated. Tao Yue, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway Shaukat Ali, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway Bran Selic, Malina Software Corporation, Canada Javier Camara Moreno, Carnegie Mellon University, USA Henk de Man, VDMbee, Netherlands Larry Hines, Micro Focus, USA Sanjiv S SharmaSH, Airbus Defence and Space SAS, USA Torsten Bandyszak, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany Sebastian Torsleff, Helmut Schmidt University, Germany Ji Wu, Beihang University, China Hong-Linh Truong, Technische University Wien, Austria De-Jiu Chen, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden Alessandra Bagnato, SOFTEAM, France Antonio Vallecillo, University of Malaga, Spain Muhammad Zohaib Iqbal, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST - NU)- Islamabad Campus, Pakistan Zhibing Yang, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Huihui Zhang, Weifang University, China Manfred Koethe, 88 Solutions, USA Elisa Kendall, Thematix, USA Constantin Hildebrandt, Helmut Schmidt University, Germany ===== Precise Semantics for Uncertainty Modeling (PSUM) RFP ===== Precise Semantics for Uncertainty Modeling, Request for Proposals (RFP) was officially issued by the OMG® meeting that took place in Burlingame, San Francisco, USA, in December 2017. The RFP is published [[|here]]. This RFP aims to awaken the awareness of uncertainty and pursue a common understanding of uncertainty in system/software engineering of complex systems such as cyber-physical systems and self-adaptive systems, by defining precise semantics for uncertainty modeling. This RFP solicits proposals for a conceptual model represented as a metamodel, which covers two aspects: 1) Capturing uncertainty and its related concepts and 2) Enabling measurements of uncertainty and uncertainty-related concepts. Please note that based on this core RFP, one can expect a future series of RFPs, which will cover the aspects of 1) enabling various uses of explicitly specified and measured uncertainty (such as facilitating decision making and enabling model-based testing), and 2) addressing various application challenges (e.g., in the domains of healthcare, autonomous driving, and robotics). ===== Uncertainty RFP Working Group Activities ===== The Uncertainty Modeling Working Group has been formed towards the submission of Uncertainty RFP to OMG®. See below for details. The working group will mainly focus on four packages: core concepts (WP1), uncertainty measurements (WP2), uses of Uncertainty Modeling (e.g., reasoning, simulation, analysis, decision making) (WP3), and application/domain specific requirements (WP4). ===== Uncertainty RFI ===== The Uncertainty Modeling standardization has been kicked off at OMG® in September of 2016 at Chicago IL USA. The Request for Information (RFI) of Uncertainty Modeling at OMG® has been formally released and can be downloaded from [[|here]]. The RFI response is officially due on 10 of February of 2017. Though the official deadline has passed, we are continuously accepting responses. ==== RFI Objectives ==== The intent of the RFI is to gather information for the purpose of guiding a group in its efforts to provide solutions to industry problems. The RFI process is used to canvass a targeted industry segment for one or more of the following purposes: * Acquiring industry requirements. * Identifying potential technology sources. * Soliciting input to validate the roadmap of the group. =====News===== ==== Presenting the Uncertainty Modeling standardization activities at OMG® Brussels Technical Meeting on June 7th, 2017 ==== This signifies the kickoff of the preparation of Uncertainty RFP. ==== Introducing Uncertainty to Requirements Specification/Modeling at SysML V2 RFP Requirements ==== A great initiative is being made to introduce uncertainty to specify/model requirements in the future standard of SysML V2. Details can b found from [[|the OMG SysML Portal]]. . ==== The first BrightTalk Webinar hosted by OMG®, given by Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali and Bran Selic ==== === **Webinar title: Introduction to Uncertainty Modeling at BrightTalk**=== === The webinar video can be accessed at [[|BrighTalk]] === ===== Working and Interesting Groups ===== **Leader of the Core Package:** [[|Tao Yue]], [[|Webpage]], Simula Research Laboratory, Norway [[|Shaukat Ali]], [[|Webpage]], Simula Research Laboratory, Norway [[|Bran Selic]], [[||LinkedIn]], Malina Software Corporation, Canada **Leader of the Uses of Uncertainty Modeling:** [[<>|Javier Camara Moreno]], [[|]][[|Carnegie Mellon University]], USA [[<>|David Garlan]], [[|Carnegie Mellon University]], USA [[|Henk de Man]], [[|VDMbee]], Netherlands **Leader of the Uncertainty Measurement Package:** [[|Larry Hines]], [[|Micro Focus]], USA [[|Sanjiv S SharmaSH]], Airbus Defence and Space SAS, USA. [[|Yves Bernard]], Airbus Defence and Space SAS, USA. **Leader of the Application/Domain Requirements Package:** [[|Torsten Bandyszak]], [[|University of Duisburg-Essen]], Germany [[|Sebastian Törsleff]], [[|Helmut Schmidt University]], Germany [[|Ana Petrovska]], [[|Technical University of Munich]], Germany. [[|Alfonso Pierantonio]], [[|University of L'Aquila]], Italy [[|Ji Wu]], [[|Beihang University]], China [[|Hong-Linh Truong]], [[|TU Wien (TUW)]], Austria [[|Andrew Hartigan]], [[|Lone Star]], USA [[|De-Jiu Chen]], [[|KTH Royal Institute of Technology]], Sweden [[|Kenneth Östberg]], RISE Safety and Transport/Electronics/RISE Sweden, Sweden [[|Alessandra Bagnato]], [[|SOFTEAM]], France [[ |Martin Schneider]], [[|Fraunhofer FOCUS]], Germany [[|Tony Clark]], [[|Sheffield Hallam University]], UK [[ |Antonio Vallecillo]], University of Malaga, Spain [[ |Luca Berardinelli]], [[|TU Wien (TUW)]], Austria [[|Bruno Legeard]] and [[|Franck Le Gall]], [[|Easy Global Market]], France [[|Alain Picard]], [[|Benchmark Consulting]], Canada [[|Maged Elaasar]], [[|NASA JPL]], USA [[|Vinay Vkulkarni]], [[|Tata Consultancy Services Limited]],India [[|Muhammad Zohaib Iqbal]], [[|National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (FAST - NU)]] - Islamabad Campus, Pakistan [[|Zhibing Yang]], [[|Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics]], Nanjing, China ===== Supporting Projects ===== The EU Horizon 2020 project: [[|U-Test: Testing Cyber-physical Systems under Uncertainty ]] The CrESt project: [[|Collaborative Embedded Systems]] ===== Presentations ===== Tao Yue and Shaukat Ali, Uncertainty Modeling (UM) - Progress Summary, at OMG® Brussels Technical Meeting on June 7th of 2017. Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali and Bran Selic, at [[|BrighTalk]] Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali and Bran Selic, [[|Standardizing Uncertainty Modeling at OMG]], at DE-CPS 2016 Workshop. [[|Uncertainty RFI Presentation]] in September 2016 at OMG®. Note that this presentation can only be accessed by OMG® members. ===== Associated standardization activities ===== Systems Engineering Concept Model (SECM) Working Group - [[|Requirement Concepts Modeling Focus Team]] [[|Structured Metrics Meta-Model™ (SMM™)]] at OMG® ===== References ===== Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali, Man Zhang and Dipesh Pradhan. Standardization Bodies and Standards Relevant for Uncertainty Modelling, Simula Research Laboratory, [[|Technical Report 2016-05]], 2016. Man Zhang, Bran Selic, Shaukat Ali, Tao Yue, Oscar Okariz and Roland Norgren, Understanding Uncertainty in Cyber-Physical Systems: A Conceptual Model, 12th European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications (ECMFA), 2016. The corresponding technical report can be downloaded [[|here]]. J. Camara, D. Garlan, W.-G. Kang, W. Peng, and B. Schmerl, "Uncertainty in Self-Adaptive Systems: Categories, Management, and Perspectives," CMU-ISR-17-110, 2017, Available: [[|]]. Man Zhang, Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali, Bran Selic, Oscar Okariz, Roland Norgren, Karmele Intxausti, Santiago Charramendieta. Specifying Uncertainty in Use Case Models in Industrial Settings. Simula Research Laboratory, [[|Technical Report 2016]]. Man Zhang, Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali, Bran Selic. U-RUCM: Specifying Uncertainty in Use Case Models. Access in Man Zhang, Shaukat Ali, Tao Yue, and Phu Norgre, An Integrated Modeling Framework to Facilitate Model-Based Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems under Uncertainty, Technical report 2016-02, Simula Research Laboratory, 2016; Man Zhang, Shaukat Ali, Tao Yue and Malin Hedman. Uncertainty-based Test Case Generation and Minimization for Cyber-Physical Systems: A Multi-Objective Search-based Approach. Simula Research Laboratory, [[|Technical Report 2016]]. Man Zhang, Shaukat Ali, Tao Yue and Roland Norgren, “Uncertainty-Wise Evolution of Test Ready Models”, in Information and Software Technology Journal (IST), Elsevier, Volume 87, Pages 140–159, 2017. Shaukat Ali, Tao Yue, Man Zhang, Tackling Uncertainty in Cyber-Physical Systems with Automated Testing, ADA User Journal, Volume 37, Issue 4, December 2016 ===== Contact Information ===== Please contact Tao Yue ( for information provided on this site.

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