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 +====== Address Semantics ======
 +We really expected to find a definitive ontology for address concepts. However, we have also generalized the concept of 'address' to a more abstract level than most such ontologies would have it, so it's likely the framework we develop here is one in which existing address ontologies may be situated.
 +There is a certain amount of discussion in the [[Shared Semantics]] track (that is the track where we dealt mainly with treatments), on the Address question, which was taken as a proof of concept or pilot for much of that treatment thinking. For example we found that there US Pub-28 standard might have suitable ontological terms for addresses but was built to a different use case (and, necessarily, a limited geographical scope) compared to what we needed.
 +Here are {{:address_semantics_alignment_v2.doc|some notes}} we made along the way.
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