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 ===== Next Event ===== ===== Next Event =====
-The next OMG Technical Meeting is in RestonVA, March 18-22, 2019.  The Space DTF will meet in Reston, the agenda ​is in work for Tuesday of the meeting week Make your plans soon, the Early Bird registration rates end Feb. 8th and the hotel block discount rate ends Feb. 22nd. +The Space DTF will meet briefly Tuesday afternoon at the Amsterdam ​OMG meetingJune 17-21, 2019, to conduct any task force votes that make it on to the agenda, and welcome any European attendees interested ​in the Space task force work. The Space DTF also plans to meet Wednesday ​and Thursday at the OMG Technical Meeting in NashvilleTNSeptember 23-27, 2019.  ​Agendas for both meetings will be automatically posted on the agendas link from the OMG Event web page as they are drafted ​and sent to the mailing list approximately 4 weeks before ​the meeting.
- +
-There will be a Space Spec User's Conference special eventheld Monday afternoonMarch 18th in Reston.  ​Check the OMG events ​page, we will be adding an event agenda ​and speaker information soon.  We expect a good discussion of the existing OMG space-related specifications and the future direction of industry-driven standards for space.+
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 === Work-In-Process === === Work-In-Process ===
-  * [[http://​​space/​2018-9-4|CSRM]] The CubeSat System Reference Model RFP was issued, and letters of intent are due by 28 Feb 2019.  Submitted proposals ​will provide a SysML model template for the development of CubeSat missions.+  * [[http://​​space/​2018-9-4|CSRM]] The CubeSat System Reference Model RFP was issued, and five letters of intent ​were received. ​ Initial proposals ​are due by 26 August ​2019, and will provide a SysML model template for the development of CubeSat missions.
 ===== Previous Meeting ====== ===== Previous Meeting ======
-The OMG SpaceDTF met in SeattleWA December 122018.  Here are the meeting highlights:+The OMG SpaceDTF met in RestonVA on March 18-192019.  Here are the meeting highlights:
 **Space Spec Users' Conference** **Space Spec Users' Conference**
-Plans for the Space Spec Users' Conferenceto be held at the Reston meetingwere discussed.+The Space Specs special event on March 18thwas very successful, with 50+ attendees, many of them attending an OMG Conference for the first time.  Speakers and panelists from AmazonAmergint Technologies,​ Boeing, Kratos RT Logic, L3 Technologies,​ NASA, NOAA, and Peraton provided some interesting insight into the changes happening in the space industry.
 ** Future RFPs ** ** Future RFPs **
-The requirements for including in the Telemetry Display Page Exchange RFP and the Satellite Operations Archive Exchange were discussed.  ​Both of these RFP's are in draft and are expected to be issued in the coming year.  It was also decided that a draft RFP will be created ​for a GEMS 2.0 specification, in order to incorporate some new requirements that have arisen since the original GEMS was published.+The industry responses to the Command and Control User Interface RFI were discussed as guidance for defining the requirements for Telemetry Display Page Exchange RFP or possible RFC of existing technology.  ​Requirements ​in a draft RFP for a GEMS 2.0 specification ​were discussed and a new draft will be considered at the next meeting.
 ** Satellite Operations Ontology/​Glossary ** ** Satellite Operations Ontology/​Glossary **
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