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 ===== Previous Meeting ====== ===== Previous Meeting ======
-The OMG SpaceDTF met in RestonVA March 21-22, 2018.  Here are the meeting highlights:+The OMG SpaceDTF met in SeattleWA December 12, 2018.  Here are the meeting highlights:
-**XTCE**+**Space Spec Users' Conference**
-XTCE 1.2 proceeds towards adoption/​publication. ​ The RTF report was delivered ​at the Reston meeting ​and the adoption vote is in-process+Plans for the Space Spec Users' Conference, to be held at the Reston meeting, were discussed.
-** C2MS **+** Future RFPs **
-Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC) has drafted a model-based satellite command & control message specification (C2MS) that was submitted ​to OMG as an RFC in Reston.  ​This model specification ​is intended ​to support ​new platform-specific implementations of the messages and exchange patterns, including the US Air Force Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) initiative.+The requirements for including in the Telemetry Display Page Exchange RFP and the Satellite Operations Archive Exchange were discussed. ​ Both of these RFP's are in draft and are expected ​to be issued ​in the coming year.  ​It was also decided that a draft RFP will be created for a GEMS 2.0 specification, in order to incorporate some new requirements that have arisen since the original GEMS was published.
-** CubeSat Reference Model ** +** Satellite Operations Ontology/​Glossary ​**
- +
-The RFP for a CubeSat Reference Model was presented to the SDTF and OMG Architecture Board (AB) at the Reston meeting. ​ The AB provided some recommendations for improving the requirements and scope sections and SDTF members are revising the RFP for future publication. ​ The desired CubeSat Reference Model is a SysML-based model that provides university, non-profit, and commercial organizations a jump-start in engineering a new satellite mission system with a standard SysML framework for capturing the stakeholder needs, mission requirements,​ requirements traceability,​ and engineering studies. ​ We expect that members of the Space Systems Working Group at the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) will submit the model that they have developed, but there may be other OMG members with satellite systems engineering models that would be responsive to the RFP.+
 +The content and scope of a Satellite Operations Glossary was discussed. ​ We are limiting the scope to a set of standardized,​ defined terms for use within Space DTF specifications. ​ This was initiated by the US Air Force Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) initiative. ​ Staff from EGS requested definitions of common terminology to aid in satellite operator training, due to the differing, overlapping terminology used by different space system vendors. ​ These differing terms and differing definitions of the same term made the merging of the XTCE specification proposals into the published XTCE specification more difficult. ​ The current intent is to publish the glossary as a white paper for member guidance in new specifications.
 ===== RFIs/RFPs ===== ===== RFIs/RFPs =====
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