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OMG Space Domain Task Force Wiki Pages

Welcome to the OMG Space Domain Task Force (SDTF).

Next Event

The next OMG Technical Meeting is in Reston, VA March 20-24, 2017. The Space DTF will meet in Reston, and the agenda is in work. The SDTF will meet all day Wednesday and 1/2 day Thursday of the meeting week. There is a joint session planned with C4I to discuss the existing ALMAS specification and shared technologies/requirements. That joint session is tentatively scheduled for 9 AM Tuesday, March 21.


Space professionals committed to greater interoperability, reduction in costs, schedule, and risk for space applications through increased space standardization.


  • Clarify space, satellite and ground system requirements
  • Provide a transparent space standards development environment, open to participation by all.
  • Encourage the development and use of Model-Driven specifications that allow future-proofing of space systems.
  • Encourage continued space industry member participation to leverage existing OMG specifications.

Ongoing Activities

  • Use the Object Management Group (OMG) technology adoption process to specify interfaces for software components, services and frameworks in space applications.
  • Leverage existing OMG specifications.
  • Involve all interested members of the OMG in the OMG Space Domain Task Force.
  • Issue RFIs, RFPs and RFCs for technology relevant to space.
  • Identify relevant standards, architectures, research and technologies in space applications.
  • Assist and advise the Liaison Sub-Committee regarding its relationship with related Standards Organizations and Consortia.
  • Participate and present in other space industry consortia to encourage further OMG participation.


  • XTCE (XML Telemetry and Command Exchange)
  • GEMS (Ground Equipment Monitoring Service)
  • SOLM (Spacecraft Operations Language Metamodel)


  • XTCE 1.2 Revision Task Force Report deadline 20 Feb 2017

Previous Meeting

The OMG SpaceDTF met in Coronado, CA, December 7th and 8th. Here are the meeting highlights:


XTCE 1.2 proceeds towards adoption/publication. Additional issues were addressed during the meeting week and more are in process, hopefully resulting in an RTF report in February. There are still about 45 issues that have not been voted on, but the RTF is working hard to get a revised specification published.

GEMS 1.5

Amergint Technologies and RT Logic are collaborating on a JSON PSM for GEMS that will be submitted as an RFC at a future meeting. Some of the differences between their two approaches were discussed and resolved.

Enterprise Ground Services (EGS)

The USAF EGS standards committee representatives discussed their priorities for OMG SDTF Specifications and helped develop the Space Vocabularies, Glossaries, and Ontologies RFI that was published by the DTC at the Friday plenary. RFP's for exchanging mission schedule information, exchanging alarm and system alert data, and operations data archive were discussed.

GMSEC Goddard Mission Services Evolution Center (GMSEC), not to be confused with the OMG GEMS spec, has produced a middleware API, message definitions, and message exchange patterns for ground system interoperability. GMSEC has been used in multiple ground stations using many different GOTS and COTS packages. The USAF EGS effort, mentioned above, is leveraging the GMSEC technology for EGS. During the Coronado OMG meeting, the GMSEC representatives discussed their progress in writing a command & control message specification (C2MS) as a future OMG RFC. Powerpoint slides available: space/16-12-02.

CubeSat Reference Architecture David Kaslow presented the current state of the CubeSat Reference Model, which has been proposed as a future OMG RFC. There are several university space mission programs that are using the reference model near-term missions. It will also be presented at several upcoming aerospace industry conferences, and the No Magic World Conference in May 2017. PDF slides available: space/16-12-03



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