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OMG Space Domain Task Force Wiki Pages

Welcome to the OMG Space Domain Task Force (SDTF).

Next Event

The next OMG Technical Meeting is in Reston, VA, March 18-22, 2019. The Space DTF will meet in Reston, the agenda is in work for Tuesday of the meeting week. Make your plans soon, the Early Bird registration rates end Feb. 8th and the hotel block discount rate ends Feb. 22nd.

There will be a Space Spec User's Conference special event, held Monday afternoon, March 18th in Reston. Check the OMG events page, we will be adding an event agenda and speaker information soon. We expect a good discussion of the existing OMG space-related specifications and the future direction of industry-driven standards for space.


Space professionals committed to greater interoperability, reduction in costs, schedule, and risk for space applications through increased space standardization.


  • Clarify space, satellite and ground system requirements
  • Provide a transparent space standards development environment, open to participation by all.
  • Encourage the development and use of Model-Driven specifications that allow future-proofing of space systems.
  • Encourage continued space industry member participation to leverage existing OMG specifications.

Ongoing Activities

  • Use the Object Management Group (OMG) technology adoption process to specify interfaces for software components, services and frameworks in space applications.
  • Leverage existing OMG specifications.
  • Involve all interested members of the OMG in the OMG Space Domain Task Force.
  • Issue RFIs, RFPs and RFCs for technology relevant to space.
  • Identify relevant standards, architectures, research and technologies in space applications.
  • Assist and advise the Liaison Sub-Committee regarding its relationship with related Standards Organizations and Consortia.
  • Participate and present in other space industry consortia to encourage further OMG participation.


  • XTCE (XML Telemetric and Command Exchange)
  • GEMS (Ground Equipment Monitoring Service)
  • SOLM (Spacecraft Operations Language Metamodel)
  • XUSP (XTCE US Government Satellite Conformance Profile)
  • C2MS The Command and Control Messaging Specification has been adopted and is in its finalization phase.


  • CSRM The CubeSat System Reference Model RFP was issued, and letters of intent are due by 28 Feb 2019. Submitted proposals will provide a SysML model template for the development of CubeSat missions.

Previous Meeting

The OMG SpaceDTF met in Seattle, WA December 12, 2018. Here are the meeting highlights:

Space Spec Users' Conference

Plans for the Space Spec Users' Conference, to be held at the Reston meeting, were discussed.

Future RFPs

The requirements for including in the Telemetry Display Page Exchange RFP and the Satellite Operations Archive Exchange were discussed. Both of these RFP's are in draft and are expected to be issued in the coming year. It was also decided that a draft RFP will be created for a GEMS 2.0 specification, in order to incorporate some new requirements that have arisen since the original GEMS was published.

Satellite Operations Ontology/Glossary

The content and scope of a Satellite Operations Glossary was discussed. We are limiting the scope to a set of standardized, defined terms for use within Space DTF specifications. This was initiated by the US Air Force Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) initiative. Staff from EGS requested definitions of common terminology to aid in satellite operator training, due to the differing, overlapping terminology used by different space system vendors. These differing terms and differing definitions of the same term made the merging of the XTCE specification proposals into the published XTCE specification more difficult. The current intent is to publish the glossary as a white paper for member guidance in new specifications.



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