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About the Agent Metamodel and Profile (AMP) RFP

The AMP RFP requests a metamodel and profile for extending UML with capabilities applicable to agents and agent-based software. Submissions developed in response to this RFP will achieve the following:
• Clarify semantics concerned with modeling agents.
• Establish Agent modeling best practices utilizing OMG technologies.
• Develop a MOF-compliant agent metamodel to be used either standalone or via extending the existing UML metamodel with agent modeling capabilities.
• Enable agent model interchange between tools via XMI.
• Optionally facilitate modeling of Peer-to-Peer, Grid and Cloud computing, and other technologies in terms of a collection of Agents.

It is expected that responses to this RFP will make good use of agent modeling capabilities already supported by the OMG.

AMP Problem Statement

Scope of AMP Proposals Sought

What is an Agent

Download the AMP RFP document

Download the AMP Initial Submission document

Current OMG AMP Status is available here

AMP Team submitters and supporters

The submitters and supporters of the “AMP Team” range from many different tool vendors, consulting organizations, and research institutions. For a complete list, see AMP Participants.

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OMG invites your participation and support in development and validation of this important proposed standard.
*For additional information on the AMP RFP and how to get involved, please contact:

  • Bobbin Teagarden (NoMagic), co-Chair
  • James Odell (Thematix), Co-Chair emeritus

For general information about OMG, its Process for development of standards and available standards, please follow

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