Scope of AMP Proposals Sought

The primary goal of this RFP is to provide a foundation to enable the use of agent technology that can:

• Model agents and agent-enabled constructs that can aid in the design of agent-based systems and emphasize how they will interact and collaborate.
• Be used in conjunction with existing and upcoming OMG technologies, like UML, the UML Profile and Metamodel for Services (UPMS) and the Event Metamodel and Profile (EMP).
• Be completed in a timely manner (approximately one year). Multiple follow-on agent-related RFPs can be planned and issued over time. Here, each RFP needs to be tangible and deliverable in a timely manner and carefully coordinated with the other agent-related RFPs.

This RFP, then, is the first in a series of agent-related RFPs. As such, it seeks to address those basic foundational elements of agent technology that are both commonly used and can be defined in a reasonable amount of time. Submissions developed in response to this RFP will achieve the following:
• Provide a MOF-compliant agent metamodel and UML Profile that treats agents as first-class entities, and extends the existing UML metamodel with agent-modeling capabilities and a consistent UML Profile.
• May provide an optional model library that extends UML 2 for agents.
• Supporting the interchange of agent models between tools using XMI.
• Compiling a standard glossary of terms that is agent related.

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