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APIs for parsing Link to API4KB Main Page

  • Multiple forms of syntax checking
    • RDF/XML, Turtle (for RDF/OWL), ?
  • Validation API
    • Parser attempts to determine whether or not the resource is valid per the language selected
    • Parser ensures that input file does not contain invalid characters (the character set is specified in the first line of an XML file)
  • Translation API – given a resource in a declared input language, provide an artifact in the target language (or as close as possible given distinctions in expressivity; with logging to say why it couldn't do something, what was lost, if anything, etc. in cases where the content language is different rather than strictly the format)
    • typically batch, stateless
    • can be invoked by CRUD APIs as needed
    • may need state management in cases where the client is not asserting the translation to the KB: if the source is maintained in the KB, then translation could be done on demand – source could be added incrementally, but translation could be executed on the fly and either instantiated in the KB or serialized out per the export capability of the CRUD APIs
  • Support for error handling
    • Should not “blow up” due to input validation errors
    • Provide hints / description of error, with some indication of where the issue(s) are
  • Need round trip capability
    • Load persistent storage into memory
    • Save to persistent format
      • Should be able to recognize the contents of a SPARQL database and then be able to save its contents to RDF or OWL
  • Support for both static (batch) and dynamic (run-time, operational) parsing


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