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APIs for reasoning Link to API4KB Main Page

  • Check for logical consistency, satisfiability
  • Check for deductive closure (if appropriate)
  • Provide basic classification (subsumption, identity reasoning)
  • Provide / identify inferred facts, and materialized in the knowledge base, indicate which are inferred
  • Explanation support


  • Supported languages, formats
  • Provide metrics, similar to what is done today for Protégé
  • Provide indication of reasoner capabilities
    • how expressive
    • what operations are supported

Additional Requirements

  • Support both batch and dynamic interfaces
    • e.g., assertion/retraction of facts at run time
  • Support for multiple reasoners, kinds of reasoning
    • e.g., DL, DL approximation (such as TrOWL), various OWL profiles, OWL “Full” with punning, RDF entailment
    • semantic profiles e.g. different entailment regimes

So, looking at the requirements: we would like to build a KB incrementally, check its consistency and either confirm or undo some of the changes. I don't see anything that mandates the transactional approach. The consistency check should not be a problem:

* CheckConsistency(

  in URL knowledgeBase
  out boolean isKBConsistent );

REST mapping : POST

(Apparently trivial API, but we should define what “consistent” means in the general case vs pure ontology KBs)


  • Enter questions here
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