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LegalRuleML (Tara)

Use Case of a Generic Criminal Legal System

with input from (

Actors Parties may have agents acting on their behalf, and these agents may be restricted in their access to the KB to some subset of the authority of the Party.

  1. Judges - may be different depending on stage of proceedings
  2. suspect
  3. defendant
  4. prosecutor
  5. police
  6. injured party
  7. civilly-liable party (to pay damages and/or fines)
  8. counsel (lawyers) for suspect/defendant
  9. witnesses
  10. experts
  11. courts
  12. jury (not in Italy)
  13. legislature

Actions The particular actions are roughly categorized based on CRUD

  • Create (POST)
  • Read (GET)
  • Update (PUT/PATCH)
  • Delete (DELETE)

Note that the difference between Create and Update is a function of the modularity of the KB. In a highly modular architecture, a new table/knowledgebase-module may be created when a law is passed, when an investigation is opened, etc.. In a less modular architecture, these actions may be Updates rather than Creates.

  1. (*CRU) pass, modify and annul *laws* - Legislature
  2. (*R) query (including semantic query) to legal KB for details of the legal code - General Public
  3. (*CRU) maintain records of investigations - Prosecutor, Judges, Defendant, Counsel, Police
  4. (CRU) initiate proceedings - Prosecutor
  5. (CRU) call a hearing - Judge
  6. (*CRU) file requests (authorization to conduct investigations, such as wire-tapping) - Prosecutor
  7. (*CRU) issue an order (e.g. authorizing investigations), *with explanation* - Judge
  8. (CRU) appeal an order - Prosecutor, Counsel
  9. (RU) drop charges - Prosecutor
  10. (CRU) proceed to trial - Judge, Prosecutor
  11. (*CRU) file a brief - Counsel
  12. (CRU) summon witness or expert - Prosecutor, Counsel
  13. (*CRU) provide testimony or expert judgement - Witness, Expert, Defendant, Injured Party
  14. (*RU) convict/acquit, *with explanation* - Judge, Jury
  15. (*CRU) issue a sentence - Judge
  16. (CRU) appeal a conviction - Prosecutor, Counsel
  17. (*RU) reverse, amend or quash a decision, *with explanation* - Judge
  18. (UD) delete/expunge records - Court
  19. (CRU) manage records on payment of penalties, imprisonment, etc - Court

Those items with * are the services that go beyond the capability of an ordinary database, requiring encoding of natural language texts into a knowledge representation language and performing specialized actions, such as parsing or (semantic) querying, on that encoding.

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