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WIKI read/write Access

All visitors are able to read any page in this WIKI. A user needs a username and password to edit the page. To get a username and password self register at the wiki login page MBSE Login Register

Please edit the page only if you can improve it. If you want to test some things, learn to make your first steps on the playground.

Editing Directions

This WIKI uses the DUKU WIKI format. Editing is as simple as logging in and clicking on the edit button. Here are some helpful editing hints:

  1. The manual for DUKU WIKI is found in the DUKU Wiki Manual.
  2. The basic WIKI syntax is found at syntax.
  3. The OMG MBSE Wiki is a public area to share the best ideas. All are encouraged to edit pages when we can share information or improve the understandability or usability of information. If you are not sure about information you are changing or if you think the original author may contest the information you are adding, please contact the person directly.
  4. If you want to test some things, learn to make your first steps on the playground.

Challenge Team / Activity Group Template

FAQ - How do I apply the suggested template to my new WIKI page?

  1. Create a login username and password for yourself. Go to the address to do this.
  2. Login to the WIKI
  3. Open the template page found at Click on the edit button. Select and Copy the template. Cancel the edit of the template page by clicking on the cancel button.
  4. Open your new page and click on the edit button.
  5. Paste the template into the edit area. Fill-in your activity or challenge team information.
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