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External LinkINCOSE IS 2013 MBSE Track: The MBSE Track will be held as part of the INCOSE International Symposium (IS) 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the week of June 23-27, 2013.

The MBSE Track includes papers, panels and tutorials that are distributed throughout the week. The MBSE Track Summary and Detailed Agenda included below are intended to help you navigate the many opportunities to learn more about current activities related to MBSE. Please attend the MBSE Track Plenary on Monday morning from 10:00 AM to 12:10 PM. Additional information on the INCOSE MBSE Initiative can be found on the MBSE Wiki.

MBSE Track Summary

  • 1 MBSE Plenary
  • 3 tutorials
  • 1 panel
  • 15 papers (plus ~3 key reserve papers)
  • 14 tool presentations
Sunday08:00-17:00(Track 4) Tutorial: Essential MBSE Applied/Practical
Monday10:00-12:10 MBSE Track Plenary
Monday13:30-17:00(Track 6) 4 papers
Tuesday10:00-17:00(Track 6) 7 papers
Tuesday10:00-17:00(Track 8) 7 tools (Tool Challenge)
Wednesday10:00-12:00(Track 5) Panel (MBSE in 2020)
Wednesday13:30-17:00(Track 5) 4 Papers
Wednesday10:00-17:00(Track 6) Tutorial: Pattern-based MBSE (full day)
Wednesday10:00-17:00(Track 8) 7 tools (Tool Challenge)
Thursday08:00-12:00(Track 6) Tutorial: MBSE Architectures with UPDM/SysML (1/2 day)

MBSE Track Agenda

Sunday (June 23)

TimeActivityTrack 4 Tutorial
8:00-9:30 Session E Tutorial ID#10, Session E.4, Essential Model-Based Systems Engineering - Applied and Practical, David Long and Warren Smith
9:30-10:00 Break Tutorial ID#10 Continued
10:00-12:00 Session F Tutorial ID#10 Continued
12:00-13:30 Lunch Provided Tutorial ID#10 Continued
13:30-15:00 Session G Tutorial ID#10 Continued

Monday (June 24)

TimeDuration (min)ActivityTrack 6 MBSE Topic
10:00-12:10 130 Session 1 Refer to MBSE Plenary agenda below
12:10-13:30 80 Lunch -
13:30-14:55 85 Session 2Session 2.6 - MBSE over Lifecycle, Paper ID#3, Specifying Affordability, Paul Tuttle and Joseph Bobinis, Paper ID#143 Functional Architecture’s Mental Roadblocks and Other Things Your Mother Didn’t Tell You, James Armstrong
14:55-15:30 35 Break -
15:30-16:55 85 Session 3Session 3.6 - MBSE Prose, Paper ID#110' Value-oriented concept selection in aero-engine sub-systems design: the EVOKE approach, Marco Bertoni, Alessandro Bertoni, Ola Isaksson, Henrik Amnell and Christian Johansson, Paper ID#13, “Composable Capability” – Principles, strategies and methods for capability systems engineering, Hillary Sillitto

MBSE Track Plenary (Monday 10:00 - 12:10)

Tuesday(June 25)

Start TimeEnd TimeDurationActivityTrack 6 MBSE
10:0012:10130Session 4Session 4.6 - MBSE Improving Communication,Paper ID#145, Paper ID#119, I5: A Model-Based Framework for Architecting System-of-Systems Interoperability, Interconnectivity, Interfacing, Integration, and Interaction, Yaniv Mordecai and Dov Dori, Paper ID#50, Assessing the Impacts of Uncertainty Propagation to System Requirements by Evaluating Requirement Connectivity, Alejandro Salado and Roshanak Nilchiani
13:3014:5585Session 5Session 5.6 - Simulation & Test with MBSE, Paper ID#131, Structural Modeling in Biomedical and Product Engineering, Henson Graves, Paper ID#118, Modeling and Analysis Framework for Risk-Informed Decision Making for FAA NextGen, Mark Blackburn, Robin Dillon-Merrill, Art Pyster, Teresa Zigh and Richard Turner
04:5515:3035 Break-
15:3016:5585Session 6Session 6.6, Paper ID#37 - MBSE for SoS, An Improved Taxonomy for Major Needs and Requirements Artifacts, Michael Ryan, Paper ID#125, Cloud Effectiveness Model, Richard Feehs

Wednesday(June 26)

Start timeEnd timeDuration (min)ActivityTrack 5Track 6
08:0009:3090Plenary Session 3--
10:0012:10130Session 7Session 7.5, Panel ID#23, Checking the map on the way to INCOSE 2020 - A review of Model Based Systems Engineering, Matthew Hause, James Ross, John Watson and Peter Campbell Session 7.6, Tutorial ID#20, Introduction to Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE): Leveraging MBSE Techniques, William Schindel and Troy Peterson
12:1013:3080Lunch --
13:3014:5585Session 8Session 8.5 - Healthcare Modeling, Paper ID#31Architecting in the Fourth Dimension - Temporal Aspects of DoDAF, Matthew Hause and Lars-Olof Kihlstrom, Paper ID#55, Systems Engineering Implications of Neuroscience Discoveries, Dorothy Mckinney and Shazad ContractorTutorial ID#20, Introduction to Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE): Leveraging MBSE Techniques, William Schindel and Troy Peterson
15:3016:5585Session 9Session 9.5 - Architecture Models & Measures Paper ID#95, A Framework for Harmonizing Systems Engineering and Off-The-Shelf Procurement Processes, Steven Saunders, Paper ID#27, Sharing the Total Cost of Ownership of Electric Vehicles: A Study on the Application of Game Theory, Abdelkrim Doufene, Hugo Guillermo Chalé Gongora and Daniel KrobTutorial ID#20, Introduction to Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE): Leveraging MBSE Techniques, William Schindel and Troy Peterson

Thursday(June 27)

Start timeEnd timeDuration (min)ActivityTrack 7 (Room: TBD)Topic(s): MBSE
08:0009:3090Session10Session 10.7, Tutorial ID#23' A Solutions based approach to MBSE architectures with UPDM and SysML' Matthew Hause
10:0012:10130Session 11Tutorial ID#23, A Solutions based approach to MBSE architectures with UPDM and SysML, Matthew Hause
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