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MBSE Workshop at INCOSE IW 2012

This page provides a summary of the Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Workshop held on January 21-21, 2012 at the INCOSE International Workshop (IW) in Jacksonville, Florida.

(Note: Attendees registered for the INCOSE IW and MBSE Workshop at .)

INCOSE IW 2012 MBSE Workshop

Thanks to those who were able to join us at the INCOSE Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Workshop in Jacksonville, Florida on January 21-22 as part of the INCOSE International Workshop 2012, and thanks to the presentors for their contribution. The agenda and presentations are included below, and some of the takeaways and the results of an MBSE Survey are included as part of the wrap-up section. Please look for opportunities to share the presentations and results within your organization and across the broader community, and help us move towards our vision of an integrated model-based engineering environment which can address the evolving system complexities and needs.

Workshop Objectives and Agenda The workshop is intended to provide an opportunity to learn about the latest MBSE activities, and to network with others involved in MBSE. On Saturday, the Workshop included presentations from the MBSE Activity and Challenge Teams in areas such as Methodology and Metrics, MBSE Usability, SoS/Enterprise Modeling, Ontology, Model Management, and Modeling Standards. On Sunday, the Workshop included presentations from other engineering disciplines to share how they approach modeling, and the role MBSE can play to help address their integration challenges. We also heard about other advanced approaches to integrated modeling. The Workshop helps us assess our progress and challenges to achieving our vision of a fully integrated modeling environment that can meet the current and future challenges of systems development.

The agenda and associated presentations included the following:

MBSE Workshop AGENDA Saturday, January 21, 2012




Sunday, January 22, 2012

08:15 -10:00

10:15 - 12:00


  • Breakout sessions to discuss integration challenges and opportunities
    • Engineering change scenario - Joe Bedocs facilitator
    • Requirements flowdown scenario - John Watson facilitator
    • Integration and verification scenario - Ron Williamson facilitator




  • Summary and Wrap-up (refer to below)

WORKSHOP TAKEAWAYS The MBSE Initaitive Chairs attempted to distill a few of the key takeaways from the Workshop in terms of the following observations and challenges:


  • Continued strong interest and participation in MBSE from the systems engineering community
  • Continued progress up the MBSE Capability roadmap
    1. maturing methods
    2. improved integration between design and analysis
  • Increased awareness of the need to integrate the system model with discipline models (e.g. analysis, hw, sw, test, and project mgmt)
  • Domain Specific Languages and/or extensions critical to integrate with other disciplines and domains (e.g. spacecraft, automotive)
  • Integrating ontology with architecture modeling languages enables
    1. Domain specific vocabularies
    2. Formal logic foundation to aid in reasoning about the system


  • Model management in a multi-disciplinary modeling environment that address
    1. Configuration management and change control of models, tools, and simulation data throughout the life cycle
    2. Security and access control
  • Solutions may include
    1. Integrating system models into PLM environment (not explicitly stated, but implied)
    2. Model interoperability based on standards
  • Enhanced MBSE usability
  • More formal methods and precise languages
  • Need for reference architectures, variant modeling capability, and model reuse

MBSE SURVEY We asked the participants to take a short survey on MBSE that is available from the MBSE Wiki. The survey was administered by Mary Bone and Dr Robert Cloutier from Stevens Institute of Technology. The MBSE Survey Results Summary includes some of the results that you may find useful. The survey results represents a limited sample of 136 folks from the INCOSE MBSE distribution or attendees at the workshop. You can draw your own conclusions from this data, but I would summarize as follows: “There appears to be a significant increase in the interest and application of MBSE, but there still are many obstacles to overcome to fully institutionalize the practice. However, those who are adopting it appear to be seeing value in the results.”

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