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INCOSE 2015 MBSE Workshop Breakout Session

Session Title: Agile Modeling and Modeling Agile Systems


  • Gain a broader understanding of Agile Systems-engineering and the Engineering of Agile-Systems, and the common fundamental Agile Architecture Pattern of both that enables effective response in uncertain, unpredictable, and evolving SE and operational environments.
  • Learn how formal model-based System Patterns can expand the fundamental Agile Architecture Pattern with necessary agile-enabling details for fleshing out an agile SE process and agile system design.
  • Understand the role and impact of accumulated system patterns within Agile Systems.
  • Learn about Pattern-Based Systems Engineering (PBSE), and how Agile Modeling is facilitated by PBSE.
  • Learn how S*Patterns express model-based system patterns.
  • Find out about the 2015/16 traveling workshop Agile System Engineering Life Cycle Model (ASELCM) Fundamentals project, to occur in the US and UK, along with how and why you and your organization might want to participate.


Saturday, January 24 (13:00 - 16:00)

  • Introduction to the general Agile Architecture Pattern
  • The Agile Architecture Pattern as a model-based system pattern, with implications for agile modeling
  • The Agile Systems Engineering Life Cycle Model (ASELCM) Fundamentals traveling-workshop 2015/16 project
  • What you can do
  • Discussion and data collection
  • Out brief preparation
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