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Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Workshop at INCOSE IW 2024

During our last INCOSE Symposium MBSE Lightning Round, Dr. Tom McDermott gave a high-level talk on Systems Engineering Research Center's (SERC) progress in Digital Engineering (DE); however, the 18-minute time limit did not allow him to share all of the details. We’ve asked Dr. McDermott to come back and kickoff the MBSE Workshop on Saturday, 27 January, to share those details hoping we can focus on addressing a variety of issues that are impeding our progress in implementing MBSE in our organizations.

After a break we will have our Working Group Round Robin where various working groups will be sharing their MBSE related progress, followed by an update on the INCOSE Systems Engineering Tools Lab, and wrap up with an MBSE Open Forum. This forum will allow open Q&A exchange on MBSE concerns, lessons learned, and advice from experts on various MBSE topics to share their knowledge and experience.

Sunday 28 January will include an all-day SysML v2 Transition workshop intended to assist organizations and practitioners in their transition from SysML v1 to SysML v2. With the imminent release of the SysML v2 standard the timing of this workshop is perfect to provide information on implementing the new system modeling standard.

Sunday evening is our MBSE Social which includes the coveted Propeller Hat Awards for this year.

On Monday & Tuesday are many MBSE related working groups (NAFEMS, SE Tools Database, MoSSEC, OOSEM, and many others) you may want to participate in. Inside the workshop app or online web agenda, select “MBSE Workshop” under the “Filter by topic” to see MBSE related content in the IW program. Given so many things going on in parallel during the MBSE Workshop, we apologize in advance that you can’t attend them all. Some of the sessions will be recorded for future playback

MBSE Workshop Schedule

All times below are in US Pacific Time Zone (US Eastern Time - 3 hours; UTC - 8 hours).

Saturday, January 27, 2024

TimeAgenda Item/Presentation LinkPresenter
11:00-12:00 MBSE Keynote Tom McDermott (SERC)
15:30-16:10 Working Group Round Robin (combined slide deck) WG Presenters (see slides …)
Competency WG
Tool Integration and Model Lifecycle Management WG
MBSE Patterns WG
Requirements WG
Digital Engineering Information Exchange WG
Critical Infrastructure Protection & recovery WG
Space Systems WG
Implementing Systems Engineering into Organizations WG
16:10-16:30 SE Tools Lab Update/Demo Barclay Brown, Heidi Davidz, Alexandra Kowalski
16:30-18:00 MBSE Open Forum Troy Peterson/Mark Sampson

Sunday, January 28, 2024

9:30-17:30 SysML v1 to SysML v2 Transition Information Session
18:00-19:00 MBSE Social with MBSE Propeller Hat Awards

Please see the IW 2024 MBSE Cross Cutting Agenda for details of MBSE Initiative and SE Transformation activities throughout IW 2024.

Each group with related sessions is encouraged to maintain a meeting page either on its own Working Group page, or linked from a section below. Working Groups are encouraged to provide presentations and other materials for download from any of these locations. Please contact the MBSE Initiative Chairs if you would like space here, or elsewhere on the MBSE Wiki, to maintain your own working group materials.

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