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Activity Page for the INCOSE IS 2016 Panel

From the Call for Panels:

Interested practitioners, researchers, managers and others in the field of Systems Engineering can create meaningful dialogues by sharing their knowledge in a panel or roundtable session during the symposium.

Panel/roundtable proposals are solicited to facilitate such dialogues.

A panel follows the traditional conference format where a number of panelists present their views on, and debate, a controversial subject.

The panelists should be selected carefully to produce a stimulating dialogue.

In the roundtable format the chairperson introduces a subject with the objective of involving both the other presenters and the audience in the discussion. A roundtable is summarised in a written report and typically fed into working groups for further activities.

The following requirements and constraints apply for developing your proposal:

  • The panel/roundtable shall focus on a topic of interest to the Systems Engineering community.
  • The panel/roundtable proposal shall specify the topic of the panel and planned panelists, outline the themes and topics that will be presented in the panel, and include a one-page draft position statement and bio from each panelist. Panel participants may include policy makers and leading authorities from within and outside the INCOSE community.
  • In order for a panel proposal to be accepted, it shall contain at least two contrasting/opposing viewpoints or positions.
  • The panel proposal shall specify the panel moderator, who shall be the point of contact for the proposal.
  • Panel sessions are 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours in length.
  • For Panel sessions at least half the time SHALL be dedicated to discussions and audience interaction.
  • The panel proposal shall use the panel/roundtable proposal template, be in MS Word v. 6.0 or later format, and be submitted according to instructions on the symposium website.

Each panel submittal is reviewed by at least 3 members of the INCOSE review team. The evaluation criteria are found at the symposium website

For accepted panels the moderator is required to provide a final one to four page position statement from each panelist.

The position statements will be published in the symposium proceedings.

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