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Requirements Working Group


The purpose of the Requirements Working Group (RWG) is to advance the practices, education and theory of requirements development and management and the relationship of requirements to other systems engineering functions.


Expand and promote the body of knowledge of requirements and its benefits within the systems engineering community.


Activities relating to best practices for requirements development and management throughout the product lifecycle including: Elicitation, Analysis, Allocation,Traceability, Elaboration, Management, Change Management, Expression, Verification, Validation

Team Members

  • Chair: Lou Wheatcraft, USA email:
  • Co-Chair: Mike Ryan, Australia
  • Co-Chair: Jeremy Dick, UK
  • Co-Chair: Kathy Baska, USA
  • Co-Chair: Rick Zinni, USA
  • Co-Chair: Jason Baker, USA


Review: Integrated Data as a Foundation of Systems Engineering

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