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  • George Angeli (
  • Amanda Cristina Santana (


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  • Brian Selvy (


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  • Sebastian Herzig (
  • Amanda Crawford (


  • Gianluca Chiozzi (
  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez (
  • Giorgio Filippi (


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  • Marco Riva (, dial-in
  • Andrea Balestra, dialed-in (

Breunig Aerospace:

  • Elias Breunig (


Journal George
Introduction of OpenMBEE Robert
JPL Systems Environment Robert

Agreed Actions

  • Set up communication channel for MBSE telescope community
  • Provide links to OpenMBEE information through Slack
  • Sebastian and Gianluca to present interface research in a future OpenMBEE meeting



George: Journal

  • Support a version of the Journal for modeling, system engineering type modeling.
  • Establish a baseline for system engineering for ground based modeling. Summarize where we are and what we did. Not necessarily one paper (one for each institute). Coordinate so they show up in the same issue. Similar papers about performance estimates. Peer review papers.
  • Is it worthwhile? Use exisiting materials but we have to combine these papers for a more serious paper.
  • Create a forum to communicate on Slack. (OpenMBEE Slack Channel). George will provide technicalities regarding the Journal.
  • Collect these papers as a starting point. Table of contents for all available papers in the last two years.

Robert: Introduction of OpenMBEE

  • Integration of MMS, MDK, and VE
  • Legacy, Europa model went full MBSE approach
  • Need for document generation and full traceabiity
  • EMS was developed as a result
  • Open sourced- MMS (Model Management System), View Editor, Model Development Kit
  • DocGen to define methods, query the model, and generate PDFs.
  • OpenMBEE is the collection of institutions that contributes software models (i.e. Boeing, JPL, Lockheed, OMG)
  • Vendors pick up requirements from users
  • Github, Downloads, EngHub, Documentation
  • NoMagic hosts the TWC. Contact Jason Wilson to create an account.
  • Can use username openmbeeguest password guest for view only access to projects. Will be provided on slack channel.
  • SysMLv2 Working Group. Reduce metaclasses and instead create metaclasses. The kernel modeling language build on the modeling language. Specify the environment to access, query, and author them.To be submitted within the next 2 years.
  • Benefits of the new specification? To make it easier to use. Targets on executability. Based on formalism which makes it analyzable and executable. Semantically integrate the diagrams.

Robert: JPL Systems Environment

  • MapleSoft MapleMBSE, intuitive excel based interface. Non modelers can update the model.TWC becomes the means.
  • TomSawyer Integration
  • IncQuery for MagicDraw- Ad-hoc model queries. Fully integrated with MD 18.4/5 and 19.0. Validation support. Incremental queries based on changes that have been made since last execution. Scalable and fast.IncQuery Server. Will be rolled out for production at JPL within the next 4 weeks. Works across heterogenous data sources. Report created upon commit.
  • Robert: Will discuss interface modeling in a future OpenMBEE meeting.
  • Sebastian: Brittleness of excel integration, problems of integration, reliable sources. What is the current state, how it can be remedied, and what's the right path?
  • Robert: Excel side integration- how to write this integration?
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