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Vitech Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Methodology


  • Four (4) primary concurrent SE activities linked and maintained through common system design repository
  • Each activity linked within context of associated “domains”
    • Process Domain (SE activities)
    • Source Requirements Domain
    • Behavior Domain
    • V&V Domain
    • Architecture Domain
  • Strong adherence to agreed upon System Definition Language (SDL), i.e., SE schema or ontology to manage syntax and semantics of model artifacts
  • Uses incremental process known as “Onion Model”
    • Allows complete interim solutions at increasing levels of detail during system specification process
    • Lower risk design approach by checking for completeness and discovering constraints early in design process
  • Detailed testing methods described in support of system V&V activity

Tool Support

  • There is no process framework tool offered by Vitech Corporation or third party provider that supports the Vitech MBSE methodology. Vitech does offer an MBSE tool set via its CORE® product suite.


  • In the past, a half-day tutorial on the Vitech MBSE methodology was offered at various INCOSE International Workshops and Symposia. This tutorial was entitled “H0D: Model Based Systems Engineering for Project Success: The Complete Process (PM)” and was taught by James (“Jim”) E. Long as well As David A. Long, President of Vitech Corp. More detailed, multi-day courses are offered through the Vitech training services (see


  • Long, James E., “MBSE in Practice: Developing Systems with CORE,” Vitech briefing slides, Vitech Corporation, Vienna, VA, Mar. 2007.

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