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  • What is 'money'
  • How you can codify something that is currency

Money as:

  • Unit of exchange
  • Store of value

Kinds / variables:

  • Token v Account based
  • Uses of currency? Things like
    • community currencies
    • central bank
    • Bank specific currency
      • (e.g. Scotland)
      • Are there other scenarios
  • what is legal tender?

Currency issuance questions

  • how does the monetary authority know how much of a given currency is in circulation?
    • also applies to crypto
  • Central Banks
    • M1 M2 M3 issues
      • Does this relate to Ledger v Token? e.g. one of the Ms is how much coin and note is in circulation

How you codify - thinking about examples like cattle as currency, there is a distinction between:

  • something you can use in exchange (unitized value, exchangeability) versus
  • barter (simple exchange of things)

The first of those is something that could be used as money


See e.g. List of gold-backed currencies:


Page for discussion of some topics: Discussions

Use this for more open ended questions and comments.

Terms and Definitions

We will be using the VCoI approach to this - see separate page(s):


Covering these 3 things:

  • Terms and Definitions
  • Abbreviations and acronyms
  • References

Start collecting some of the terms we need on those pages.

Where 'Context' in this case is this wiki (the FDTF as a whole) and the subsequent RFI


See also the References page. For now this is an informal place for references as we find them; we will introduce the VCoI process later.

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