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SysML and AP233 Mapping Activity

This activity is being performed as part of a larger project between NIST and Eurostep to investigate suitability of OMG's MDA for use by ISO TC184-SC4's standards, notably the family of STEP standards (ISO 10303).

SysML is a graphical modeling language. AP233, formally ISO 10303-233: Systems engineering, is a data exchange format. The diagram below illustrates the topical areas where there is common data between AP233 and SysML.

The mappings are being produced in a series of Workshops with SysML and AP233 experts.


Workshop on Structures 01/09

A working session on this activity was held at the International Workshop of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) at a San Francisco airport hotel on 31 January 2009.

The workshop focus was SysML Blocks and related features and their mapping into AP233 structures.

The results of the workshop are available in this presentation.

Other progress as of March 2, 2009:

  • Some work has started making AP233 XML data file examples.
  • We are working with Peter Denno at NIST in an effort to get a QVT tool set up for this project.
Workshop on Activities 03/09

A workshop was held on Sunday, March 23, 2009 at the in Washington, D.C. OMG Technical Meeting.

Results of this workshop will be available shortly.

Project status report March 24, 2009 to OMG SE DSIG is available in this presentation.

Mapping Review Workshop 06/09

A workshop was being held on Friday, June 26, 2009 at the San Jose, Costa Rica OMG Technical Meeting.

Project status report June 23, 2009 to OMG SE DSIG is available in this presentation.

The results of this workshop (i.e. the overview of the mappings, issues and actions) are documented in this wiki now.

Mapping review at INCOSE IW 2010

A worksop was held on Monday, 8 February 2010 at the INCOSE IW held in Mesa Arizona USA.

Project status report 8 February, 2010 to INCOSE MDSD is available in this presentation.

SysML Model management including Mapping review at INCOSE IS 2010

A workshop was held on Sunday, 11 July 2010 at trhe INCOSE IS held in Chicago, USA.

A presentation on the use of AP233 to support Configuration/change management of SysML models as presented at the meeting is available here.

Files used in the demonstration are available.

SysML file AP233 file Description
structuredemo.xmi structuredemo.xml Initial structure file
reqmtdemo.xmi reqmtdemo.xml Requirement file that has a block in common with structure file
structuredemo-new.xmi structuredemo-new.xml Updated structure file one block changed
N/A TBD Combined file giving history of structure and linked requirements

Blocks Mapping

SysML AP233
Block System _view_definition → System_version → System
Composition Association Assembly_component_relationship relating two System_view_definitions
Generalization View_definition_relationship + Classification ('Generalization')
Part/Part Definition View_definition_relationship
Nested Part Component_upper_level_identification
Multiplicity Next_assembly_usage.quantity
Connector Interface_connection
Port/Port Definition Interface_connector
Delegation Port Hierarchical_interface_connector

Value Property Mapping

SysML AP233
Property not an association end, with type, owned by Block Block : Assigned_property → System_view_definition
Type of Property Assigned_property ← Property_value_representation → Representation + Representation_item
Value Specification Any_number_value ← Value_with_unit → Unit

Constraint Blocks Mapping

constraint block and all related concepts are purely stereotypes extending blocks and its related concepts so the mapping for blocks applies but with additional/different external classes representing the stereotypes

constraint body and language is the one additional concept

is ap233 general model parameter useful or should we use normal assignment of property

SysML AP233
Constraint Block System _view_definition → System_version → System
Constraint Parameters Block : Assigned_property → System_view_definition
Constraint Body and Language Text_expression_representation + Classification (language value) … System_view_definition
Binding Connector Interface_connection
Parameters Interface_connector

Activities Mapping

SysML AP233
Activity Task_step
Action, Call Behavior Action Task_step, Task_step_hierarchy
Object Nodes Task_IO
Control Nodes Multidecision_element, Concurrent_element
Object Flows Task_IO_relationships
Control Flows Structured_task_element subtypes
Activity Parameter Task IO
Activity Partition Group

Interactions Mapping

Will be left for a future workshop – complex will likely take most of a day

State Machines Mapping

SysML AP233
State Machine, Region Behaviour ← Behaviour_version ← Behaviour_view_definition + Classification ('StateMachine'), Classification ('Region')
State State_definition (Behaviour)
FinalState, PseudoState State_definition + Classification ('FinalState'), Classification ( PseudostateKind value )
State entry, exit, doActivity Activity_method or Task ← Activity_method_assignment → State_definition
State deferrable_trigger Event ← Event_assignment → State_definition
Transition State_transition_definition
Transition trigger Event ← Event_assignment → State_transition_definition
Transition guard Condition ← Condition_assignment → State_transition_definition
Constraint Text_expression ← Text_expression_Assignment → State_transition_definition

Use Cases Mapping

SysML AP233
Use Case Behaviour_view_definition → Behaviour_version → Behaviour
«extend» View_definition_relationship + Classification ('extend')
Actor System (Same as block)
«include» View_definition_relationship + Classification ('include')
Actor to Use Case View_definition_relationship
Generalization View_definition_relationship
Subject System (Same as block)
Extension Point TBD

Requirements Mapping

SysML AP233
Requirement Requirement_view_definition → Requirement_version → Requirement
Containment Requirement_collection_relationship
Allocate View_definition_relationship + Classification (‘Allocate')
Satisfy Requirement_satisfied_by
Verify, Refine View_definition_relationship where one end must be a requirement
Copy, Derive Requirement_view_definition_relationship + Classification (‘Copy’, ‘Refine')
Trace View_definition_relationship + Classification ('Trace')
Trace between Requirements Tracing_relationship
Text Requirement View Definition ← Single_property_is_definition → Property_representation → Representation → String_representation_item

Packages and metadata Mapping

SysML AP233
Package Collection_view_definition → Collection_version → Collection + Classification ('Package')
Containment Collection_membership
Model Collection_view_definition → Collection_version → Collection + Classification ('Model')
XMI file Digital_file → Digital_document_definition → Document_version → Document
Model in file Collection_assignment between Collection representing model and Digital_document_definition for the file

Issue Log

ID Issue Assigned To Resolution
01 SysML Connector can be typed by an Association
02 SysML Multiplicity of Part/PartDefinition can be a Range which may be a problem for AP233.
03 SysML/UML Associations and both Ends may be named.
04 SysML requires Connections in a context. AP233 requires no such context.
05 AP233 Interface Connection requires Next Assembly Usage to be a subtype of View Definition Relationship.
06 SysML Ports as properties of Parts. AP233 use of term “Property” is equivalent to SysML “ValueProperty”. SysML Parts are not AP233 Properties.
07 SysML Nested Parts require the use of AP233 Component Upper Level Identification to maintain the complete path/context.
08 In STEP in order to have a unit and a property we must give it a value. The link between value and property is value_with_unit which assigns the value. Number is mandatory.


Timeframe Action Assigned To Status
15 July 2009 Rewrite of SysML 1.1 annex D.4 ABF Complete
15 July 2009 Review 'Parsed Text' proposal from Michael Chonoles DMP Complete
San Antonio OMG 9/09 SE DSIG/MIWG/ManTIS joint session baseline document for review and dry run demo DMP Complete
INCOSE IW 02/10 MBSE/MDSD Report and Demo PS Complete
INCOSE IS 07/10 MDSD Report and Demo PS Complete
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