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Academic WG Meeting Reston 17 Mar 2019

Potential Speakers (deferred to the Amsterdam meeting):

  • Gary Duncanson, No Magic – Dassault/No Magic Academic Programs
  • Henk de Man, VDMbee – VDML / SMM / BMM; academia in Netherlands and Italy, graduate level (MS/PhD)

Contacts to make:

  • FIRST - Dean Kamen Robotics Competition
  • DSDS - Matt Cutts, Director (Jason Smith will meet him on 21 Mar 2019)
  • Georgetown University - any contacts here?
  • Johns Hopkins - Robert Lario?
  • DC-area STEM high schools?


From OMG: Claude Baudoin, Uwe Kaufmanm=n, Steve MacLaird, Jason Smith

Patrick Kim and Ryan Tse (Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, MD)

  • Building the first high school CubeSat with a science payload
  • Related to measuring how over-the-horizon radar would propagate through the ionosphere (useful to the military for a larger satellite) and mapping HF noise in the ionosphere
  • 3U module
  • Launch in 2022
  • Connected to one of their alumni at NASA Goddard
  • Need help accessing COTS hardware for the “housekeeping” functions (pointing, attitude, etc.), which they cannot afford ($10Ks to $100Ks). That would be a direct contact with a member company, not something that OMG can officially push for.
  • Also interested in a smaller FPGA than an FMC – need to talk to Brad Kizzort and Luis Rodriguez for contacts in the Space Domain Task Force
  • ADLINK and Boeing as extra resources?
  • Talk to Dave Kaslow of INCOSE
  • SDR: Jeff Smith (Sierra Nevada / MACE), Manfred Koethe (88Solutions), or NASA Glenn
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