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Academic WG Teleconference, 01 Nov 2018

Present: Claude Baudoin, Mike Bennett, Charles Dickerson (co-chair), Steve MacLaird, Karen Shunk, Jason Smith (co-chair).

Letter to potential academic participants

  • Karen Shunk sent before the meeting a rewritten version of Diane's draft.
  • Further wordsmithing and tightening of the text took place.
  • Final version approved for issuance.

Agenda of Seattle's in-person meeting

  • Claude volunteered to be the emcee
  • OMG overview (See if Richard is available. Otherwise, Karen can do it)
  • Talk(s) about the three “legs” of our value proposition to academia (Jason)
    • Help support the use of standards within curricula
    • Leverage our contacts within academia to help generate the next batch of standard bearers
    • Use OMG standards in our toolkit to facilitate the operation and goals of academia.
  • Use the Loughborough/JLR case study. Charles and Ji cannot attend in person, nor present remotely due to time zones differences; in lieu of that, they will record a video to present the impact study in absentia. Jason will introduce it.
  • After the presentations, leave time for Q&A and discussion on value, roadmap, action items.
  • Conclude by inviting attendees to spread the word, including to colleagues who might attend the Reston meeting. Ask whether meeting on Sunday afternoon was a good idea.
  • Invite people who want to to continue the conversation at the bar.

Action Items

  • Jason: Create an agenda document, and sent it to for posting on the event website.
  • Mike Bennett: submit additional rows for the table in 4.2.
  • All: join the next meeting on Wednesday 21 November at 10:30 am PST, 1:30 pm EST, 1830 UTC (Nov. 15 was not convenient for several people, and Nov. 22 is Thanksgiving Day in the US). The GoToMeeting instructions are the same every time.
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