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Academic Working Group Conference Call, 4 Oct 2018

The presence list was not recorded, but from the notes it is clear that the meeting was at least attended by Claude Baudoin, Charles Dickerson, Diane Ehramjian, Stev MacLaired, and Karen Shunk. Others may have been present.

Action items:

  • Ask CEA (Jérémie Tatibouët) about their academic contacts in France.
  • Invite Fraunhofer Institute (Kym Watson) to participate.
  • Reconnect with Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City, who joined OMG because of their interest in teaching UML and BPMN in their graduate program. Claude met them circa 2015 in Mexico City and they met Jon Siegel to discuss certification programs shortly after that.
  • Define the value to universities -– why they should be interested in OMG standards. See paper on impact from the joint Loughborough/Jaguar Land Rover project, linked from section 4.1
  • Create a public-facing OMG web page with “happy stories” from academia (feeding positive evaluations of academics based on visibility).
  • CubeSat: universities are involved. Loop in Brad Kizzort, Luis Rodriguez, and David Kaslow of INCOSE. Claude to contact Brad.
  • The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project in Tucson, Arizona, uses SysML to generate the code. LSST is an OMG university member, Austin Roberts is their representative.
  • Steven MacLaird of OMG will share some charts (under review by OMG Marketing before posting).
  • Suggestion to Karen Shunk to look into academic projects related to video analytics for retail (e.g., there was a related university paper at the inaugural Fog World Congress in October 2017, Claude has info).
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