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Academic WG Teleconference, 18 Oct 2018

An OMG Academic WG conference call was help on 18 Oct 2018. The only people present were:

  • Charles Dickerson (co-chair), Loughborough University
  • Siyuan Ji, Loughborough University
  • JD Baker, Sparx Systems
  • Karen Shunk, OMG
  • Claude Baudoin, cébé IT & Knowledge Management

We reviewed the letter to academics prepared by Diane Ehramjian, including comments sent back by Charles, and had some more discussions. We recorded a few more changes in the document itself, and Claude is sending it back to Diane with the request to prepare a final draft and get Jason Smith's (co-chair) concurrence before sending it out.

Ji has sent the document on “Pathways to Impact” promised last time. Claude will move the mention of the document from the Discussion part of the wiki page to the main body (this means first giving an OMG document number to the file, so it will take a couple of days).

Ji has some entries to submit for the list of academic projects that use OMG standards, and will send the information to Claude to populate the tables in 4.1 and 4.2 of the wiki.

JD is going to the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) conference in Tampa next week and will mention our effort to participants there. If he gets interest, he will report back and send us the names.

Claude will add a mention of CAML – the Cloud Application Markup Language – which is based on UML and about which he recently found a paper while searching for background information for the OMG Cloud Working Group.

Ji suggested that we ask all TF chairs to tell us who their academic contacts are. We assigned the action item to Jason in absentia. The suggested actions are:

  • Draft a message to be sent to those chairs
  • In that message, offer a 15-minute pitch in front of their respective TFs in Seattle – we should field as many as we can based on our schedules, and can continue in Reston. In-person short pitches are more effective than just e-mails.

The next conference call will be on November 1. Europe will already have changed time, North America only changes on Nov. 4. So the call will be one hour later in the US (1:30 pm Eastern) and the same time as today in the UK (1730). Claude will schedule it.

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