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Potential Speakers at AI PTF Meetings

Name Organization Topic or comments OMG contact
Dr. Holger Kenn Microsoft Karl Gosejacob or Ron Zahavi
? DoD Joint AI Center Claude Baudoin visited in Feb, 2020 Steve MacLaird
Andreas Vogel (ex-SAP) Ethical AI Bobbin Teegarden
David Mok Labelbox Image labeling formats Claude Baudoin
John Lockhart Alegion Image/video labeling formats Claude Baudoin
Prof. Leilani Gilpin UC Santa Cruz Explainability, anomaly detection, commonsense reasoning, ethics
(Spoke during Stanford CS520 seminar in 2020)
Claude Baudoin
other CS520 speakers Various See CS520 lecture titles Claude Baudoin
Mark Sage or Christine Perey AREA (Augmented Reality Enterprise Alliance} AREA is now a program of OMG Claude Baudoin
Simon Mettrick BAE Systems Standardizing descriptions of neural networks for system design/AI modeling extensions (related to SysML/UAF)
Tentative for March 2022
Bassam Zarkout IGnPower Introduction to the Industrial AI Task Group of the Industry IoT Consortium Claude Baudoin
Howard Kradjel Industry IoT Consortium Opportunities for cross-consortium work on AI Claude Baudoin
Daniel Olivier, Will Hamilton Port of Montréal AI and COVID-19: Port of Montréal Case Study Claude Baudoin
Surya Josyula Fujitsu Galileo XAI: A Graph-Based Platform for Explainable AI
(Spoke at AI Expo 2021)
Claude Baudoin
? Brainwave LLC Augmented Reality Elisa Kendall
Peter Denno NIST Explainable AI self
? Galileo Data cleaning for ML
(Spoke at AI Expo 2021)
Claude Baudoin
Mary Armijo Sierra Nevada Corp. Inferring facts from multiple data sources using NLP
Tentative for March 2022
Bobbin Teegarden
Jeff Smith
Prof. Roberto Zicari University of Frankfurt Z-Inspection: a Process to Assess Trustworthy AI Claude Baudoin

We welcome suggestions, either about yourself or someone you recommend, so we can maintain a steady stream of talks of interest to our community, in parallel with advancing our work. Please send your referrals to the co-chairs.

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