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AI Platform Task Force Sep. 2019 Meeting Summary

Summary presented to the Platform Technical Committee in Nashville, Tenn., on 27 September 2019. Note that some of the items in this summary may have been superseded by work done after the meeting.

Highlights of this Meeting

  • Met on Wednesday afternoon, 25 September
  • Explained the history of OMG’s AI strategy formation
    • AI strategy paper requested by the OMG Board
    • Response to the NIST RFI on AI Standards
    • Desire to elevate the work on foundational standards for AI to a Task Force
  • Reviewed and edited the proposed charter of a new AI PTF, replacing the AI PSIG chartered in Amsterdam
    • After adding a missing point in the scope of AI in the charter, the document was approved for recommendation to the Technical Committee meeting.
  • Reviewed the content of the NIST response and of the Board paper
  • Joint session with ManTIS on Augmented Reality Requirements
    • Mini-workshop by Christine Perey (Wednesday plenary speaker)
  • Also presented the proposed AI PTF charter to the Ontology PSIG

Platform Technical Committee Decision -- Agent PSIG Resurrection

On 27 September, the PTC met and a motion was made to adopt the AI PTF Charter, and make Bobbin Teegarden (OntoAge) and Claude Baudoin (cébé) its co-chairs. Evan Wallace (NIST) spotted another omission in the AI scope, the correction of which was accepted as a friendly amendment. The motions to (a) dissolve the AI PSIG, (b) form the AI PTF, both passed by white ballot.

A discussion ensued on what happens to the Agent PSIG, which had apparently “morphed” into the AI PSIG. Several people argued that there is still a specific set of agent technologies to discuss, and that we need to maintain a focus on those rather than risk seeing them forgotten inside the AI PTF. A motion was made to revive the Agent PSIG, with its pre-Amsterdam charter and co-chairs (Bobbin Teegarden, Zack Hashemi, and Jim Odell as c0-chair emeritus). This motion passed by white ballot too.

Documents Issued

  • ai/19-09-05: Proposed AI PTF Charter. Supersedes 2019-09-01 and 2019-09-02 after edits made during the meeting
  • ai/19-09-03: Augmented Reality (slides from Christine Perey’s plenary lunch talk)
  • ai/19-09-04: AR interoperability requirements (Christine Perey’s workshop)
  • omg/19-08-01: Final draft of OMG AI Standards strategy – approved by OM<G's Board a few days later

Future Deliverables (In-Process)

  • Analysis of the 98 responses to the NIST RFI on AI Standards
    • Would be published as a “discussion paper”
  • AI Vocabulary
    • Extends the classification presented in the Board paper
    • Would be published as a “discussion paper”

RFP/RFI Recommendations

None since the TF didn’t exist yet.

Agenda Items for the Next Meeting

  • Succession of joint sessions with other groups through the week
  • Present the charter if the PTF is formed today
  • Regardless (PTF or PSIG), discuss our relationship, offerings, and the other groups’ requirements
  • Roadmap discussion and possible Reston AI Summit
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