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Welcome to the Cloud Working Group Wiki

The OMG Cloud Working Group, formed in July 2018, is the successor to the Cloud Standards Customer Council (CSCC), started in 2011.

1. Mission

The OMG Cloud Working Group publishes vendor-neutral guidance on important considerations for cloud computing adoption – highlighting standards, opportunities for standardization, cloud customer requirements, and best practices to foster an ecosystem of open, standards-based cloud computing technologies.

2. Co-Chairs and Members

The initial co-chairs of the Working Group are:

  • Claude Baudoin, cébé IT & Knowledge Management
  • Karolyn Schalk, IBM

This list is of course subject to change. Co-chair roles and responsibilities are less formal in an OMG Working Group than they are in a Special Interest Group or Task Force. There are no formal policies and procedures about the organization of a WG. However, it is our intent that after the first year, the CWG will elect its co-chairs.

Membership in the CWG is open, free, and not restricted to holders of an OMG membership. However, co-chairs must be OMG members.

3. Meetings

The CWG plans to largely operate through work performed “off-line” by its members, such as the writing and editing of discussion papers.

The CWG will also hold face-to-face meetings during the quarterly OMG meeting weeks, starting during the Ottawa Technical Meeting, on Tuesday 25 September 2018 (afternoon). See the proposed agenda.

We also envision at least one teleconference per quarter between OMG meetings, in order to keep our members updated on our progress.

4. Deliverables per OMG Process

4.1. Discussion Papers

The CSCC created 28 guides or papers during its existence. All of those become “OMG Discussion Papers,” although they are not being re-published with a new title or cover page at this time. The change in name and branding will occur as the papers are updated.

The roadmap for the writing of new Discussion Papers or the updating of existing ones will be decided by the group as a whole during its meetings.

4.1.1. Existing Papers

(to be completed)

4.1.2. Proposed Papers

Karl Scott (Satori Consulting) proposed that we create a paper about Cloud Delivery Technologies. Chris Dotson (IBM) had a similar idea, specifically about containers. As of early Sep. 2018, this is being discussed as a potential addition to the roadmap. A conference call is being scheduled so that we can get a proposal formulated in time for discussion at the face-to-face meeting in Ottawa on Sep. 25. The evolution of these delivery technologies may result in updates being made to various other papers, and we need to take this into consideration.

4.2. RFIs, RFCs and RFPs

Per OMG policies and procedures, there are now new types of deliverables that the CWG may undertake:

  • RFIs when more information is required from members, users or vendors
  • RFPs when the CWG wishes to solicit a new standard
  • RFCs when there is an existing, uncontested technology that can become a standard

However, RFPs and RFCs can only be issued by a Technical Committee upon recommendation of a Task Force. The CWG will generally request such a recommendation from the Middleware and Related Services (MARS) Platform Task Force, but may from time to time go through another, more relevant Task Force.

5. Call for Participation

5.1. Joining the CWG and the mailing list

Interested OMG and non-OMG participants are invited to join the CWG.

We have a mailing list, If you join the CWG, you will be added to the distribution. To ask to be added to the mailing list manually, or to unsubscribe, please click here, state your request in the message, and press Send.

5.2. Contributing to this Wiki

The following people are currently able to edit this wiki directly, and more will be added as appropriate:

  • Claude Baudoin and Karolyn Schalk (co-chairs)
  • Paulo Takeda (IBM Brazil)
  • Tracie Berardi (OMG staff)

Others should be able to use the discussion box to suggest changes, and the authors will implement the changes or discuss them with the authors of the suggestions. If you encounter any difficulty doing so, please contact Claude Baudoin.

Also contact Claude if you wish to become an author/editor of this wiki. You will be given your own username and password to do so.

Discussion Forum

Claude Baudoin, 2018/09/06 00:59, 2018/09/07 23:50

Next additions planned:

  • a summary list of existing papers, pointing out the needed revisions,
  • a list of new proposed papers,
  • list of past co-authors and editors,
  • list of contributors to the wiki (even if they just made suggestions that I implemented, they deserve recognition)
  • clear instructions on how to be authorized to contribute (i.e., how to get a login ID to be an author)
    • started, but still learning how to set all configuration parameters properly to allow user registration and guest comments with moderation (finding the right compromise between openness and avoiding spam)

On 04 Sep 2018, Ram Marupudi (Southeastern Grocers) sent suggestions to have a top navigation section and social media links. To be implemented soon. Some of the suggestions do not need to be fully implemented here, as they are covered by the OMG's Cloud WG website, but they at least need links from the wiki to the full site (which is currently only referenced indirectly when talking about the existing papers and guides) On 04 Sep 2018, Ash Heda (Wipro) said that he has end users who wish to add some of their perspectives. We're discussing the best way to allow this without opening the door to external spammers. I may open up the discussion forum to outsiders, and then some of us would curate the input and transform it into edits to this page, and/or create subpages. This might be the best compromise.

On 04 Sep 2018, J Ashley Moore suggested several things, which could potentially lead to new papers and/or website content:

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